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  1. LUXOTTICA is the most horrible company to deal with. Their sales people will promise you anything, but when you need a refund, i's a very different story. I will advise you never buy their contact lenses because you will hurt your eyes a big time. Avoid them, Milla

  2. Luxottica North America has many offices in USA, but you can not write a complain. They hide all their information. Their stores tell you that you have a one year guarantees, but you can not find anyone to complain on their personnel. I was not able to get any refunds; therefore I have to contact my law firm to write my complain. So, do not waste your time with Luxottica, it's not a good company, but it's a ghost. Milla

  3. A "rather' TICK-"LIKE" RAY BAN purveyor has been sending TOXIC email ads, (qtsjg.com), they are doing some illegal things in LUXOTTICA'S name. YOUR 'officers' SHOULD control things better.

  4. Disgust sums up my experience with your Denny's in Wilson, NC. I went with my son to get breakfast during the off hours in the afternoon-approximately 430 PM. There was one waitress working. It took 32 minutes to get our food after ordering it. Round one–son’s omelette not correct and the waitress caught it when getting ready to bring it and made the cook redo. While redoing his, we watched as my two eggs sat under a heater and got cold (this took approximately 15 more minutes). Of course the waitress brought me the cold eggs anyway, so I sent them back. Round two–my next eggs that were supposed to be over medium were fried hard as a rock. I then told the waitress that I was not going to eat them and was not going to pay for them either. She went to the manager. Instead of the manager coming to us to apologize or try to make anything right, he instructed the waitress to remove all of the food from in front of me and present me with my son’s bill. Then to top it off, when I went to the register to pay and wait for him to address the issue (off hours so not packed and I was not intending on causing a scene), the manager had the audacity to ask me if our meal was ok and if I wanted to leave a tip on the receipt. Ummmm what? This manager was a complete loser and did not belong in his position at all. Any finer establishment would never have hired him in the first place, which tells me, Denny’s is a sludge restaurant. Denny's messed up my order twice and then removes the other food from in front of me (e.g., toast, my water?). He is very lucky I did not cause a scene. Based on all of these comments, it seems like you people have some cleaning house to do-literally. This place makes my skin crawl, but it won't happen again.

    1. And so there is no question, I am going on every single website that I can access and posting about my experience with your fine establishment. I also will provide a link to this page, so that consumers may also see the additional complaints and concerns about your low requirements for your restaurants. ahhh….the power of social media…..

  5. Warns may be owned by easyome in Canada which is illegal. I had totally in professional service through Lethbridge a Lethbridge,Alberta Canada store. Not impressed!!!

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