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  1. While watching the NCAA Women's tournament, the NCAA ran a commercial in which there were a couple of shots of "BLM"! I find this HIGHLY OFFENSIVE that you portray BLM as part of NCAA!

    SHAME ON YOU, NCAA! I honestly don't think that BLM is representative of college sports!

  2. Please do not put the tickets on sale next week for the Women's 2016 Final Four scheduled to be in Indianapolis. Hopefully, either Indiana will repeal the ridiculous new law or the NCAA will find a venue in another state. If neither of those things change, there will be a LOT less people at the Women's Final Four next year. That new "religious freedom" law paves the way for discrimination. That's going backwards! This is 2015! They need to accept all individuals for who they are.

  3. I have just finished watching a girls basketball tournament played on Duke's court. Now, this is the way I feel about tournament games. It is not a true tournament if the home team is playing on their own court. I have said that for years and I am a senior citizen and have been watching sports since I was
    a small child. I watch everybody play whatever sport it is, basketball, football or baseball and enjoy it.
    I also know when it is called right or wrong and most of the time the home team is always favored when
    playing at home. That is not fair either. In fact, there was a blond headed lady official that should never
    be allowed to call a game for anyone. It was obvious she was calling for the home team and yes, they
    did win, but if she is not available to call for them again, it probably will not do any good. I have harped on the fact that too many so called tournaments are played on home courts. It is great to host a tournament but don't let that team play on their own court, send them some other place to play and that
    way everybody will have a fair and square chance to do their best. It is also not teaching the young folks
    anything when the officials seem to lean toward the home team. ( Is that cheating or what?) Now what
    does that look like to the young ball players. It is bad. Also people work too hard to buy tickets to these
    games and see something like this terrible calling the officials are doing now days. Also when the visiting team gets so many fouls called on them they finally don't have the heart to play the game too
    hard as it is just a lost cause anywhere. There was an incident in this game today where the Duke player took her arm and pushed the opposing teams player down on the floor and the blond headed
    lady so called official called a foul on the player that was pushed on the floor and then called a technical
    foul on the coach because he complained about it. (Hey, what kind of official is that anyway?) That lady
    official was definitely wrong and something should be done about this bad call and also her calling games when she has no business doing anything like that. Someone calling games like her can sure
    get the moral of the opposing team down in just a matter of minutes. I do hope this can be corrected
    as soon as possible.

  4. do you mean in Germany?They been scamming Players for years.Never trust your Basketball career to some woman that was a fencer.I freind of mine told me that, they promissed her abig contract and she flew over there for the tryout and ended up playing against Little Kids for her tryout.I am glad that put this out there so other Players do not waste their time with this agency. I will let my Coach know and I hope that the more People that see this post will let our youg People know that this agency is a fraud and should stay away from it.PASS THIS MESSAGE ON TO AS MANY BASKETBALL PLAYERS AS YOU CAN. weed out These vultures that are taken Advantage of our Kids!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I just watch the Notre Dame in Florida State college football game . I firmly believe that the officials unfairly took the way the game from Notre Dame. This seems to be a continuing trend in college football. Officials need to be held accountable for their actions and corrective action should be taken against them. Otherwise it takes away the integrity of college football and the love of the game.

  6. As far as the officiating goes during these games tell the officials to try not to show the favoritism towards the team they want to win or they are being paid to make win. There have been soooo many blown calls that make it so people do not want to even watch anymore the Baylor/TCU game today had so perfect examples of blown calls when they call it on TCU but wont on Baylor because that's where the money is at but they have been crappy in all conferences.

  7. Your proposal in football concerning allowing defense ten seconds to substitute in each half until the last two minutes is about as stupid of a proposal as I have ever listened to. I am a huge fan of the hurry up offenses and I think this proposal is stupid. There is no evidence that the hurry up causes harm to student athletes. The problem is you have coaches that do not like it like Nick Saban at Alabama and he complains about it and you think you have to cater to him. Let him come up with a defense that can stop it. Leave the rule the way it is. Change is good and fans love the fast pace and points scored

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