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  • New York Jets Corporate Office Headquarters

New York Jets Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact New York Jets Corporate Office Headquarters

New York Jets LLC
1 Jets Dr.
Florham Park, NJ 07932,
Corporate Phone Number: 1-973-549-4800
Ticket Info: 800-469-5387
Website: NY Jets


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  1. So Chris Johnson, if the Jet's Office staff decided to protest a league policy at the start of every work day I'm sure you'd support their right and pay their fines as well. Or would they be suspended or fired? My guess it's just these highly paid prima donnas that you allow to get away with breaking the rules. If a player(s) chooses to break a rule let them pay their own fines. Or will you just raise the ticket or concession prices and get the fans that don't support this distraction to cover your costs. They're grown men that have made a conscious decision to break a rule. Let them be responsible and pay their own fines. It's this same type of rule breaking with no consequences that has brought us to where we are today as a society. As an almost 62 year old Jet fan of 50+ years I'm saddened by your stance. Shame on you.

  2. Dear jet owner,

    If you allow your team to disrespect the
    American flag, I will not allow any of your games to be Broadcast in my house and forbid my husband to watch any games. Additionally, I will lobby all the sports bars, etc in my area to not broadcast any of your games.

  3. We have a reproduction 1969 NFL team throw back helmet signed by the entire roster. Issued by Brandon Steiner Collectibles. Excellent condition in original box. Interested in selling – price negotiable.

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Corporate Office Headquarters