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  • Noble Roman’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Noble Roman’s Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Noble Roman’s Corporate Office Headquarters

1 Virginia Avenue
Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN  46204
Corporate Phone Number: 1-317-634-3377
Corporate Fax Number: 1-317-636-3207

  • I am a present employee at one of your stores. Located in Roanoke VA I am really upset working for a GM that has verbally abused me, while I witnessed him trying to build a personal relationship with female employees,and have stalked a new employee by going to her other job asking questions about her, rules that dont apply to females that he has a attraction to and more. Since I'm not one of those individuals, and I let his actions be known that they are not acceptable, because all employees should be treated equally and fair, now my hours have been increased and theirs have been increased. If it wasn't for my health issues and financial situation I would of left the company. But unfortunately I can't afford it. This man has changed my schedule without my knowledge and has cussed me but I continue to be a valuable employee. He is using his position to continue to intimidate me and has lost a new employee due to his actions and treatment of them. He's unprofessional and should not be in his position regardless of how long he's been with the company. This is totally unfair to any employee that works for him. Personally I will be doing a formal and legal complaint on this gentleman asap and will be noting all contact with him as I have all along. This company is great to work for but the General manager is a disgrace to it.

  • June 12, 2017. Recently visited your 49th/Pennsylvania location (8:00p.m.) NO Air-conditioning? I captured the thermostat reading at 98 degrees INSIDE the locale. While your employees were MOST professional, kind and accommodating to me AND to the several customers in and out (EACH making comments, having questions), I can not return/spend money until this dangerous situation has been corrected. For your employees As Well As your customers. *Your competitors have Air*

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    Corporate Office Headquarters