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Numark Corporate Office Headquarters

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Numark Corporate Office Headquarters
200 Scenic View Drive
Cumberland, RI  02864
Corporate Phone Number: 1-401-658-3131

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Hello, I'm wanting to suggest a product for you. You've made the DJ2GO2 mini mixer, which I intend to purchase as an entry into controllers, but that's just because Rockitpro can't be purchased at present.
Have you considered making a controller about this size that's rack mountable like the control I had on the Denon DN-4000 dual disc player. Something with dual USB outs to a dual USB input mixer (I have 2 of yours and would keep buying them if you still made them).
These huge clunky controllers don't replace a mixer because they're so limited. The DJ industry is ready for the next Gen. We have DJs carrying an extra mixer to accommodate extra mics at weddings and events because the controllers are as bare-bones as a mixer can get.
With a solid, compact rack-mountable controller designed to feed into a mixer would have you selling both and they'd be rack-mountable for a professional look. Design a case to go with and have a place on which to set the laptop. BAM!

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