OnStar Corporate Office Headquarters

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OnStar Corporate Office Headquarters
OnStar, LLC
400 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI 48265
Corporate Phone Number: 1-248-588-6050
Fax Number: 1-313-667-0822
TTY Users Only: 1-877-248-2080
Customer Service Number: 1-888-466-7827

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I have called on Star over a dozen times. Every time they say they will take care of my issue and call me back tomorrow. I have even went through supervisors, same thing. I have never gotten a return call, ever! I can't call the corporate office, the number has been disconnected! Worst company ever. God help anyone who would ever have to call for help.

@OnStar has charged my account over 24 times!!! I am receiving the worst possible service. I have no payment even due until May 2021. However everyday @OnStar goes into my account and robs me. Opened an investigation 1/28 and h ave been charged an additional 8 times. I need help to stop this loss prevention hasn't done anything

Hello to whom it may concern,

I am a current employee at OnStar, by Convergys, here at the Charlotte, NC location. First and foremost I would like to appreciate the effortless hiring process. It was extremely easy and stress free. But after hire, is where the stress begins. I have been employed to OnStar for about 4 months now. And I have never in my life experienced such an unprofessional environment, such careless management, and such unbelievable nonchalant behavior by a company. After class training to "ABAY" I quickly realized that the job was the complete opposite of what it was made out to be. I felt betrayed, I felt used, and most of all I felt lied to. Nothing about this job makes me feel accomplished. From the moment I had my first call with OnStar I realized that it was going to be an exhausting job, from job itself to management, and even co-workers. The computer systems we use are outdated, and has unnecessary components, and is nearly inoperable. For all of the information we have to keep, we only have one monitor, that is ridiculous. Also, calls back to back, to back with no time to breathe. I also heard the Convergys OnStar is sent more calls than any other normal OnStar call center and I believe it. As soon as training was done and I moved to floor I immediately was ready to quit. The feeling of being a valued employee abruptly diminished, and I felt like just another worker apart of the mass hiring. The management doesn't care about their employees, and that justifiably makes me think that no one else does above them in a higher position. Our breaks can go from 1 hour to 30 min in the same day, overtime is unavailable, work schedules can have 7-8 days of work in a row, there is an unbeliever amount of favoritism in the workplace and most managers will and have admitted that several times. There's no room for growth, unless you are liked by someone in the position of power to get you where you want to be. The whole workplace is ridiculously, unbearably, relentlessly, and undeniably unprofessional. Even from the interview and hiring process it was almost like they didn't care, they hire anyone who can form a sentence, and it's made clear that they mass hire, and the turnover rate is extremely high. That is a horrible reputation to carry, that isn't a job anyone wants to keep for long. I've heard so much about Convergys and OnStar but decided to give it a try and unfortunately everything I heard was right. I have tried and tried to give this place the benefit of the doubt and I just can't seem to shake it. You have a lot of work to do. Not one time since I've been here have I felt like a valued employee. I feel like just another hire who is bound to leave, quit, or get fired. And I feel like that's what about to happen. Throughout the entire hiring and training process I have gotten to know quite a few people, those who were new hires just like me, as well as others who have been there for years, and every last one of them hated the job, because of management, unprofessionalism, and even the job itself. Me personally I love the job, there are rude customers but what do you expect at a call center, I have done 7+ years of customer service so this job is not half bad, an the pay is okay. But when calls are rolling in without a second in between, every 25 seconds, with rude customers every other call, who also complain about OnStar (which is a service most of them pay for), with 3 hours of call handling time as soon as you get in at 8 in the morning, with no management who cares, or listens to their employees, and with a lunch break of 30 minutes, yes I will hate my job, and yes I will be upset, and yes I will blame it all on the headquarters of OnStar and Convergys. Do something about this.

– Soon to be former Employee

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