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  • Payless ShoeSource Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Payless ShoeSource Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Payless Shoes Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Payless ShoeSource a division of Collective Brands Inc.

Official Address:

3231 Southeast Sixth Avenue

Topeka, KS 66607-2207 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-785-233-5171

Fax Number: 1-785-295-6049

Customer Service Number: 1-877-474-6379

  • please bring back your Mary Janes size 4.5W I have walking issues and they are the only shoes I can wear to work. I need the think durable heel and flat shoe. I am a 41 year old with cp. please

  • Today I was in search of a non-canvas bottom pair of shoes for my one year old child. My local Payless in Williamsport, PA is in the same plaza as a Kmart. Trying to think ahead and prevent my toddler from tearing the store apart, I grabbed a cart from Kmart. I barely made it in the door when two middle aged women stopped me in my tracks, saying I couldn't bring the cart in. They didn't just say it, they very rudely spat it out at me. I said, "I guess I don't need to spend my money here then." The oldest of the women said," No, you don't. Have a nice day." I would expect women to understand the type of destruction a toddler could potentially create. I have zero intention of ever shopping at any Payless due to the extreme lack of common courtesy. Obviously if two women at one store have that type of personality, that must be the type of person that is hired by this company and I refuse to subject myself or family to such terrible behavior.

    • You aren't alone in that thought. The store I used to shop in is in Massachusetts and rude is only the beginning of how awful those employees are. The LAST time I ever shopped at Payless I asked for some help finding a particular shoe, it was in the stack at the top of the rack. The girl there told me it was out of stock, I pointed at the box up on top. She gave me a crap look, walked away shouting at the other girl to ignore me if I came to her for help. Said all I wanted was for one of them to break a heal on the ladder. I walked out, refuse to go back. Payless doesn't care about people anymore.

  • While at your clackamas promanade store there was an older woman about 60 talking very nast about her employees the man next to her had a big smile on his face. They both should be ashamed of themseleves. will not shop at that nasty store again.

  • To the mom whos little girls eye got sprayed: you should watch your kid when youre out stores arent responsible for your child being unattended by her mom, insteqd of blaming the store keep your child close to you! whT if somwone would hd ran out the store with her? now a days people want to blame everyone else for parents letting there children roam free as if employees are your baby sitters. Some people leave items every and let there children touch everything with the escuse of there only a little kid, enstill good manners in there minds from childhood so they know they cant getaway with everything. this is why kids go into schools and shoot everybody.

  • What a disappointment the BOGO sales have been! Since adopting the exclusion of GREEN TAGS in the BOGO sales, there's now a limited benefit for BOGO. I used to love PAYLESS stores and the BOGO deals, but as of late, I'm not really paying much less than if I would go to the competitor's stores. I, being a coupon kind of gal, can now find better deals at other stores when using their coupons!

    Your BOGO sales used to eliminate the "fine print" and now when shopping at your stores, you have to be very careful not to really like a pair of shoes with a green ticket on it!

    I know times are tough, but when a faithful customer of many years, goes to your stores for the value that we've grown accustomed to, and get something else, it's really disappointing.

    The ads are misleading and the big signs in the stores, though they have that fine print, just aren't enough for the old customers with BOGO engrained in the brain, the way it used to be.

    Just as a suggestion, before the cashier rings up the items, maybe they could point out that an item is a green tag. Even though there may be one on it, for the customer's sake, who has their eyes set on the shoes and having old habits die hard, this would be a benefit. I've been a witness to two cases, where customers go home without the shoes after they see the final cost isn't what they thought it was going to be!

    I still do love your shoes, and thank you for the good years. I'll just have to be more aware and kill an old habit.

    • BOGO used to be buy one get one free. It's what got people into the stores. Now it's more about the money than the customers. The nice shoes people want are as expensive as everywhere else, the cut priced ones are what they couldn't get rid of or are off season shoes. I used to shop there several times a year, 4 or 5 times, now ~maybe~ once a year. If I'm going to pay the same as the other stores, why leave them just to get shoes? And the employees don't help anyone anymore either. It just isn't worth the bother.

  • Dear Payless,
    ON 8/22/2112 I visited 2 of you Alexandria Va stores, as we were vacationing from NY and our Daughter had broken her flip flop, and needed a new pair. In both stores they were clean,but what impressed me was your sales people who went above and beyond to try and locate a pair in another store and called on the phone to verify that hey had them, gave us a 4.00 off coupon and did it with a SMILE and as pleasant as could be. Thank you and maybe send some of those people to NY to train people in the payless here. We are lucky we get a hello or even have them stop texting for a minute to help us. To the Alexandria store near the Boston Market and the other one up the road Great job to the entire staff. You are representing payless in an awesome way. When we come back to Va we will shop there again. Clare M from NY

  • My name is Yvonne, and I live in Owen Sound on. I was in our payless shoe store today and was disgusted at the service I got or should I say didn't get. I worked briefly at this store and I guess since I left my money must not be any good. Not once did the manager or her employee ask me if I needed any help, they wouldn't even look at me. AS soon as someone else walked in they were both all over her. I myself work with the public and would never dream of treating a customer or an employee like that. If I did I wouldn't even expect to keep my job.

  • payless please bring bach this shoe in big sizes 10 – 13, they will sell like fire (Women's Lunar Platform Wedge brash lot # 098233) i personall i need like 50 pair to 100 pairs. please please. thanks.

  • Dear Payless Shoes Inc,
    My daughter got her eye sprayed with display parfum at Sunnyvale Payless store. You guys please do something so other children will not experience the same thing. The display was way to low, as low as my 3 year old's mid section. She got her eye sprayed by other 5 year old – ish girl from a distance of 5 inches and spend a good 20 – 30 minutes crying for her eyes. That was horrible experience for a mom to watch. You should not put display of alcohol in children's reach. I'll be waiting for your response…i hope you can make a different .


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