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Peebles Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Peebles Corporate Office Headquarters

10201 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77025 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-324-3244
Customer Service Number: 1-800743-8730


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  1. I received a collection agency bill from McCarthy Burgess and Wolffon 1/27/19 about a Peebles bill for $201.11. My records show that I paid a $2.00 bill on 8/1/17 that left a 0 balance. Then I received another bill for $1.00 9/1/17. I paid that $1.00 bill which left a 0 balance. Since then I have not received any other bills nor have I used the Peebles card. On my honor I have not received any notice of owing money until I received this bill from this collection agency. I wrote the agency disputing this and asking for a copy of my bills.Their records showed that I paid the $1.00 bill late on 9/17. They charged a $1.00 late fee and &1.00 minimum fee. Every month thereafter a late fee and minimum fee and interest fees has come up to $201.11. There is not a single purchase on the bills. Comenity bank is the owner of this company. I think they are crooks. I just want to let other people know what they did.

  2. I have an issue with my debit card being swiped accidentally. I wanted to pay $100.00 in my account. An extra swipe was made and an additional $77.84 was deducted from my checking account. This happened in 8/2/18. I realized what happened and called the store manager in 8/3/18. She concurred that was what happened. I advised I needed the $77.84 deposited in my bank account asap. She stated that it has to go through the audit dept. I have called to check on the progress of the deposit. I called customer service on Fri.the 10th. I was advised I had to take proof of the withdrawal to the store. She gave me a list of things I had to take to the store and they could reverse the charge. Explained the store was aware of the issue. I was given the song and dance. I told her to cancel my charge card. Went to the store and spoke with the manager with proof in hand. She advised Joe in auditing was on it and could see the transaction and the issue should be resolved soon. I called the store today and the supervisor knew nothing of Joe but advised me a woman is reviewing this matter. I want my money NOW. I have incurred late charges because I have not been able to pay other bills. Enough.I want to hear from management and I want the money deposited in my bank account. I will go to the Attorney General and BBC with this. This should have been resolved in 8/3/18. The stress alone is raising the blood pressure. I expect to hear this matter has been resolved within 24 hours.

  3. When did they change the policy, AGAIN, on the gift cards being sold INSIDE THE ACTUAL PEEBLES STORES.
    This is the second time that’s changed.
    I’d like to know WHY and WHEN.
    Leave a contact number and name that I can request to speak to.

  4. The bathroom of the Peebles department store in Easton, Maryland is so gross. Have lived here for 15 years and it just never changes. Went in yesterday and it reeked as usual, and then only the door to the handicap stall would latch. It's disgusting and they just did a big remodel last year, but never touched the biological warfare they call the ladies room.

  5. Over the past 2 days ,I have messaged the wrong Peebles corporate contact.What A waste of time.Any how Im now on the right track.Over the weekend(4-10-2016 to be exact)At the North Adams Mass.Peebles store,my wife and daughter were stopped by the North Adams police dept,inside the store.They were told that employees had called them for shoplifting.After A rude and humiliating confrontation in public,they searched their belongings,reviewed survailance tapes,and found no foul play.At one point my wife was crying and was denied A tissue to wipe her face.The cops (I call them cops because the 2 that responded dont deserve the right to be called officers in my opinion.)disreguard for public rights was very offensive.But that is A separate issue.After the cops "investigation" my wife and daughter were told to leave the the store.I would like to know what kind of policy your company has on handling alleged shoplifters?And would like to know what will be done on this incident?

  6. I am an avid shopper at your peebles store I visited the peebles store in Paintsville ky I have never seen a store look like that one does goodwill stores look a lot better than that one did you couldnt find anything in there the aisle were so full you couldnt t get thrugh them I was so diapponted I walked out without buying any thing it has gone to trash

  7. The peebles store in Gloucester Va are stuck up! If your dressed a certain way, you get treated differently. Someone needs to have a talk with them because they don't know how much money i have or what i can afford. I should be treated with the same respect as other people that come in with fancy outfits on. Everytime i go there, they don't have shoes in my size or something else I'm looking for. The coupons i get are time consuming because you can't match coupons with other coupons or you can't spend this amount if you don't spend more, you can't use coupons that end in .98 or on yes items. It's definitely not like Kohl's and the woman's section is horrible because im not trying to look out of date with a bunch of flowers on shirts or jeans with no style and buttons all over my outfit. I'm in my 30's but i don't want to look like I'm giving up on life! I want outfits that look like junior clothes but stylish and conservative. Jeans that have rhinestones on the pockets and different colors. Stylish like what Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Kardashians, Jennifer Aniston but reasonable prices. Also more products to pick from.

  8. I was at the Peebles store in Mukwonago yesterday and noticed how very understaffed the store was. I felt so bad for the few staff members that were there as they all seemed very frazzled. I also noticed a few phone calls that came in and from what I had overheard it sounded like it could have been some head manager, I am not sure. What I do know is how upset the staff members were when ending the said phone calls. Kudos to those few employees for trying their best in an unfortunate understaffed situation. Shame on Peebles for having such a poor work environment for your staff.

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