PHH Mortgage Corporate Office Headquarters

PHH Mortgage Corporate Office Headquarters
PHH Corporation
3000 Leadenhall Road
Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-856-917-1744
Customer Service Number: 1-866-946-0081

  • Why is it that your Relationship Managers cannot solve the problem I am having with the payments that I sent in to PHH Mortgage Services. Back in 2021 I sent in a payment of $11, 376.00 for 6 months (July 2021 through December 2021) along with a letter explaining what the payment was for. They proceeded to put the payment in the principal and stating that I did not pay my mortgage. After calling for several months it was finally taken care of in December. But then in January 2022 it went back stating that I did not pay my mortgage. Again, I sent the January 2022 payment of !,892.51, which was received the PHH on 1-11-22. I got a bank check for the February 2022 and March 2022 payments of $3,792.00 and sent with a letter again explaining what the payment was for and they again put it towards the principal… are these people who work there illiterate? Now I received a letter from the home insurance saying that they are cancelling my insurance for lack of payment when the insurance is in the escrow – so now you are not paying the insurance… I need someone to contact me immediately – I am Tairi Sousa-Rrodriguez – email me at

  • My name is George R Young. My House burned and I trying to get check from Insurance co. They need a letter of Guarantee from PPH, for them to issue check to PPH. I have done every thing PPH has ask. I have called many times since the 5 of may 2021. I get the same story each time that management has it and will have it done in 3 days. No one seem to know what's going on When ask them question put on hold for them to find out. I send a large cashier check on 9 may 2021 and was signed for by K copley of PPH. It has not been credited to may account. We have been with out a home since 25mar 2020. I want to pay y'all off so we can get a another double wide mobile home. hope some one can help. Phone #904 610 4596 Email gyoung3391@

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