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Polaris Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Polaris Corporate Office Headquarters

4660 Kenny Road
Suite C
Columbus, OH  43220

Customer Service Number: 1-888-704-5290


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  1. Today I received a recall on my Polaris 570 Ranger crew. The letter said it could catch fire due to a manufacturing defect in the heat shield. I was told to stop driving it until the repair was made. Because I have a severe vision problem I am not able to drive on the highway anymore so I can't transport my Ranger to the dealer 30 miles away. The dealer will pick it up for a mileage fee but it will end up costing me over $200. The Polaris representative says it's not their problem. This is my fourth Ranger and it will be my last! Polaris has lost a loyal customer and I encourage friends and family to think twice before buying from Polaris. Repairing the defect and transporting the Ranger to the nearest dealer is the responsibility of Polaris. Why should this defect cost me over $200? Has anyone else experienced this type of treatment?

    1. I have a 2014 Chief Vintage motorcycle and the leather bags and seats are turning green. I have made the request to replace or repair and Polaris determined the 2014 leather was determined defective "requires a bit more care" than their current leather, (customer case 4110369) and since the previous owner and I neglected to properly maintain the leather, Polaris will not do anything for me. Questionable character and integrity.

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