Portrait Innovations Corporate Office Headquarters

Portrait Innovation Corporate Office Headquarters
2016 Ayrsley Town Boulevard
Charlotte, NC  28273
Corporate Phone Number: 1-704-499-9300

  • location: Crestview Hills, KY Town Center.
    We were the only cutomer in the store, had a 12:20 appointment, The employee made us wait 10 minutes (with a 2 year old and 5 year old) as he was on his lunch hour. Although, he continued to train anotehr employee. The photographer did not work well to get the 2 year old entertained for a good picture. At the end, I spent $95 on pictures and they were horrible, the pics with the colored background was to dark, the pics with the white background were blurry and it was obvious. I have better pics of them from the pics i took at home prior to leaving for the appointment. I went back to complain but was told I'm only a valued cutomer if i spent a minium of $150. I will not be back and i will not reecommend this company to anyone.

  • My most horrible experience and why I'll be telling everyone about it…I had family photos done a couple of years ago…bought the special and a couple of extra sheets, and the cd with all the photos from our session on it high res. I paid like $50.00 for the disk. When this coupon came, I called "corporate" and asked if I could use the 20% off coupon on the disk. I was assured I could and was reminded to "please let everyone know about your experience via social media"….so I made my appointment. Asked all my kids and grands to dress up nicely so we could have family portraits made like before. The place was pretty packed, but we didn't mind waiting past our appt time. The photographer, Bianca, got some very good shots. Once our session was over and we looked at photos, there were several, several that we liked, but there was glasses glare (4 of us in the photo were wearing glasses) or minor things like a big strand of hair over a face, etc. So my husband asked if they could fix that, and we were told they had no way to do that. I do, so I shrugged and said I could fix. THEN came the hit…despite what I'd been told on the phone when I spoke to "corporate" about being able to use the coupon on the disk, I was told that the minimum I'd need to spend to get the disk was $300+…..um, excuse me?? I might could understand if they could touch up all the photos I wanted, but when 80% need touch up and you can't, why would I spend anything on photos that can't be touched up? That's just throwing away money. I'm attaching the ONE pose we went with, and even then, there's still glass glare on two of us…I am so frustrated and upset I could cry. I will NEVER get my husband back in this store because I was so upset…I look at the photos on the disk from last time–all 70+ of them–I even showed them the disk to see their logo to know I wasn't lying, it was theirs. But then they told me they delete all the photos upon checkout. So I bought the package and then I was told I could talk to the manager. But the photos had already been deleted, so what was the point? I was so upset I had to leave the store while they printed the pictures–my daughters waited. "I'd planned to have my daughters' senior pictures made, and other photos coming up, but now I'll go elsewhere. A place that will either touchup photos (hello, even schools do that now) or let you buy the cd without the crazy "it has to be with a package costing $300+" Yeah, I'm sure to let all my followers on social media know…I mean, "corporate" asked me to do that, right?! So upset and disappointed. Little Rock AR studio

  • We went in for an appointment 12/27/2016 at your Crestview Hills location. We went in initially just for the cheaper $29.99 package seeing as we're all young parents and weren't wanting to spend a ton, but wanted our kids pictures together. Upon arriving and speaking our intentions we were gone off on by an employee named Colton. It was out of no where and took us completely off guard. He went on a big rant about how rude and criminal that was to come in with 15 kids and say we were just going to do a smaller package deal. How that's like going to a restaurant and telling them we're going to order the most expensive steak meal but refuse to tip, and went on and on on this huge rant. We haven't gone to a studio often and we're not very familiar with your studio and how it works. The package was also advertised on the website like it was normal and not a big deal. He threw a fit and was very rude and unprofessional. It was completely uncalled for. If it was a problem he could have nicely explained it and the process and we would have been happy to talk about it and work out what was best. Instead of just going off on us. I hardly complain about anyone and we're generally patient happy people. Which we even continued to be after this encounter. We luckily got a different photographer, who ended up doing an amazing job and was super nice. I unfortunately forget his name. We liked the pictures so much we did end up buying more and spent quite a bit of money. Luckily we didn't take our 15 people and leave because we were ready to after our initial contact with Colton at the front check-in desk. And now we are hesitant to return to this studio, and probably never will. It's a shame because you have some good people working there, that are being majorly dampened by a very rude and unprofessional employee. It's the worst customer experience we had ever experienced anywhere. Even upon leaving he was rude to our photographer and sounded like very unprofessional on the phone with customers too. For the well being of your business, I would definitely recommend looking into him. Thank you for your time.

  • It's funny that there are so many ugly and disappointing comments on this blog. By funny, I mean disturbing. I will also be writing a hard copy letter to corporate and cc the Mt Pleasant location.
    We were scheduled to have photos taken at that location, this past weekend. It was Christmas Eve day so we did expect it to be somewhat busy. Our appointment was at 2:50. When we got there; the place was packed with no available seats and no one at the front desk. Everyone seemed to be running around with their heads cut off. We were told that there would be a 30 minute wait before we can take our photos. Thankfully, we only has to wait 10 minutes before two seats became available so the elderly in our party could sit. After our 30 minutes, we were told it be an additional 30 minutes. That's an hour. We suspected that this was not the truth; for there were too many remaining families waiting before us. After that 30, we were told they really didn't know how long it would be. During the duration of the sitting and waiting; no one…I mean NO ONE came over to check on us, give us hope or even extend an apology. It wasn't until we waited 2 hours when my mom and i went to use the bathroom that we decided to leave. After having the NERVE to have people waiting for hours; the bathroom was out of order. At that point we decided to leave. Again, still no apology. They just let us walk out of the door. This place has poor communication and horrible customer service. All of that could have been avoided by one simple phone call or email. You collect all of that information and don't even use it. After reading these other comments, being a poor operated company seems to be your policy. It wasn't just the Mt Pleasant location. I see no responses either. Shameful.

  • I made an appointment for a Christmas photo at your 2394 W. Memorial Rd, Oklahoma City location. I am a 74 yr old disabled grandmother living on a fixed income. When I walked in for my appointment, the lady at the desk took one look at me and said they do not take Christmas photos of individuals. I was wearing Christmas clothes but she told me I did not qualify for the $19.99 Christmas special and that packages started at $99. She said that the fine print on the Christmas discount coupon said no single adults. You are missing a big market for grandparents, many of whom are single. I see you have no specials for grandparents. Why not? You have specials for just about every other category.

  • Had a disappointing experience this past week with Portrait Innovations. Had a group of 10 people. The photographer told us when we chose the background we wanted that she should be able to get the whole group in the photo. When we looked at our printed photos the large group one was totally off center and when framed would have cut off our granddaughters arm. Another shot of 6 adults was the same way. I took them back and they had to be photoshopped to make it look okay. The photo of our infant grandson couldn't even be photoshopped to be centered because of how it was taken. Quality for the price you pay is ridiculous. Way overpriced. Wish I had gone another route. And don't advertise that you can handle any size group!

  • Worst experience ever! Waited over an hour with a baby. Got some pictures then sent to wait again for 20 plus minutes for more pictures. When my husband wento to ask what was going on here was ignored by the front desk. Another woman'should photos were cropped so much they cut out part of her children. We left when we got no response from management and after 45 minutes they called me asking if I wanted to finish my pictures, no apology or anything. Their scheduling is a joke and their management was rude. I will never recommend to anyone!

  • I went to the Saugus Mass store today. My time was @ 12:30pm until 1:15pm. Also, I paid $1.00 each for a card and the promotion card it says .40 each card. Also, I didn't get pics with the other (white) background. No far at all.

  • Our family went to the Portrait Innovations in Columbus Ohio. An hour and a half after our appointment time we were called for our photos to be taken. At this point we now have 3 toddlers who have had to remain still and wait for too long, which I can't blame them because as an adult I was out of patience. We get pictures and of course the kids don't want to cooperate, again they had to sit still for over an hour and a half. When we were finally called, we asked why it was so late to which they said "it just takes longer for some sessions." We get a select few photos taken. There was a couple there that had over 200 photos taken. After our experience I opted to call the manager since one of the kids were cut out of the picture and some others were dark. While speaking with them she said she would fix some of the photos, but wouldn't fix the darkness on all of them. I asked why we only had 40 pictures taken (which include closed eyes, kids moving, etc) her response was that it depends how busy they were. All the other families had more photos taken, and had them taken in both rooms. We were only in the one. So it was ok for our appointment to be an hour and a half late so that the couple could have 200+ photos taken, but they couldn't take the time for us to have more to chose from.

  • I went to a sudio for my first time a few weeks ago was treated terrible, spent way to much money because a cupon that I wanted to used was used by a different family member in my co-parenting family. Then when I called customer service to complain I was hung up on. I would highly recommend finding somewhere else to have your pictures done. Like JcPenny they have great customer service, I am sorry I ever decided to try this place

  • I am extremely unhappy with portrait innovations. We had a family of 12 taking pictures. The photographer did not get all 3 of the little boys to smile in any of the family pictures. When I called corporate to complain, I was told we could come back for more pictures. No thanks, it’s not easy getting 12 people together. I can also, return my pictures for a full refund. No thanks, that means 12 people wasted all that time at the studio. I just found out today when picking up my package my CD is low level which means I don’t have copyrights. You only get copy rights to your CD if you get high level pictures, meaning if you are willing to pay HUNDREDS of dollars. Might I add prices start at $485.00. I was never told about the CD’s b/c I was told the guy who did our pictures was new. I would assume if I was given a CD, I would have copyrights like other photo studios, especially if I am not told otherwise. It seems like portrait innovations only care about taking many pictures, not the quality of the pictures. I would rather he took his time and I got 1 photo of all the kids smiling in our family photo, instead of focusing on getting multiple shots. I feel that I should have been told that I was not getting copyrights to my CD unless it’s high quality, how am I supposed to know. The insensitive woman I spoke at corporate also said I can switch to 12 poses in order to get a CD with copyrights. If I file a complaint the same things she told me would be told to me again. So basically if I pay between $200 to $400, I can get a copyrighted CD. Nice to know after the fact. I would like the copyrights to my CD without paying additional money. I have already got the least bang for my buck that I have ever experienced getting pictured done. I would at the very least have the copyright of the pictures of my family in smaller groups in which the kids are smiling. I can make multiple collages of my 12 family members, getting everyone back together is not an option. (Jacksonville NC)

  • I have taken my grandson to the Cary, N.C. location for four years in a row on his actual birthday. On the very first visit in 2012, I simply snapped a pic of him with my cell while he was on the sofa and was very rudely told that I could not take any pictures of him while he was in the studio. I had no idea that it would be such a big deal. I almost left due to the rudeness. However, the pictures turned out great and I have taken him back year after year. Unfortunately, we were there this past Saturday,. July 16th, and I spent more money that I have ever spent there. I did not have time to wait on the pictures to be printed so I went back yesterday to pick them up. I expected tons of pictures, but what I received was nothing compared to the past. When I asked the photographer that photographed him on Saturday, she said that the company had changed their policy and are now only giving the customer 2 prints of each page as opposed to 3. Also, it consists of (1) 8×10 and (1) page that includes (2) 5×7's. NO MORE WALLETS! I expressed my unhappiness and she did give me a receipt and told me that I could contact the corporate office. Very unhappy with the change!

  • My daughter had my grandson pictures taken there previously (Nov 2015) and we were very pleased. When she flew back into town she wanted his 1st Birthday Pics taken (May 2016). The pictures were great, HOWEVER the person that we were working with stated that the canvas, books and calendar would all be shipped to her home in CA. So my daughter got the email stating that they were in fact at the store in MO which clearly she lives in CA and could not drive too. She was VISITING and we drove quite a ways to have the pictures taken in Lee's Summit MO. I called and talked to the manager Trish (who was rude as hell) and stated that the shipping would have been disclosed at the time of the order (clearly it wasn't) and that someone needs to come get them. The person that took our pictures and worked with us was new and I stated that, so maybe HE was confused. I am a supervisor for our customer service and billing department and I am applaud at the level of service the manager has given myself as well as my daughter so now I will need to drive an HOUR just to pick them up. So my question to her was, What if we did not know anyone that lived in MO?, she did not have an answer for me. She stated they were "FREE", um no they were not as we opted for the bigger package that offed more pictures AND the canvas, calendars and books. I, nor anyone I know will EVER takes pictures there again. Terrible management and poor customer service. Word of mouth travels fast and this all could have been resolved had she just said "I'm sorry let me ship them for you and sorry for the miscommunication and I will speak to my staff" rather then "someone will need to come get them".

    This was the Lee's Summit, Missouri location

  • This complaint is directed toward the Lafayette, IN location. I have been a loyal client for several years with three young children plus family pics each year. There is a newer manager, Emma, who had completely lowered the quality of that store. She is loud, gruff, rude to fellow employees, sarcastic to children and employees. There is also a photographer , Jaime, who has twice ruined my experience. I have even been there when she had her son there age 7 and manager, Emma and other staff were helping'babysit him while customers waited and watched unprofessional behavior. The quality of pictures has declined as well. My daughter had her 4 yr pics, Jaime allowed the background to be bunched up at bottom of floor, did not show any enthusiasm to help get kiddos to smile instead said rude things like your "brother farts". She didn't smile she looked shocked as we do not even say that word in our family. There was a computer malfunction and after 45 mins I had to start entirely over as she had to hand write the pic numbers I had selected. More than once telling me" I'm lucky they back them up!". Jaime did not once apologize for my time and when I asked what could be done as compensation she and manager, Emma got very agitated and rude. Sadly after 5 years I will not be returning to Portrait Innovations. That is a large college town and our state only has a couple Portrait Innovation studios, If you value repeat customers you need to send new professional management there and replace Jamie with someone excited about photography and with reliable child care!

  • I had a horrible experience at this studio. I had a 6 o'clock appointment and they had no record of it. I was treated as if it was my error. I was interrogated by the 3 people there (what did the person say when you were making the appointment) and the other site in Huntsville was phoned and I was told I had an appointment there. The guy there told me that the computer that takes the appointments deletes appointments all the time. I was asked not to "freak out' that they would take the picture, but it did not happen. They insisted that I was taking a business picture because I had on my church clothes. The one sheet of pictures that I was told I could get for $20.00 changed to $30.00 and then I was told I needed to buy a digital package that I did not want. I finally left at 6:24. Horrible, horrible, service. I drove 30 minutes across town, did my hair and so on….this was how I was treated.

  • Last week here in Lincoln Nebraska we had an awful experience at Portrait Innovations. The employee that took pictures of my sons never even talked to us or them, never got them to smile, and out my son a high stool and then he fell off while I was holding my infant son which should've never happened to begin with because I didn't want any pictures that were not of them together for Christmas. She never even said sorry or are you okay or anything he had a knot on his head and she said nothing and just went on like nothing. She had an attitude the entire time and at the end we didn't like any of the pictures. They weren't looking and weren't smiling. She then went up and told her manager and we asked that next time a different person we have had before do them and she said that she would and ignored that the other girl did terrible. The manager even ignored it. So here we are no Christmas pictures because my husband only has three days off a week. The most unprofessional thing is that the manager was over by the register and they were talking about it and smiling and he never came over to find out the problem or help us in anyway. We were not mean at all we just said that we didn't want to pay for pictures where our boys were not even still or looking.

  • We had a 4:30pm appointment. We arrived at 4:05pm. At 4:20pm an employee came up to us and introduced herself as our photographer. She discussed backgrounds we were interested in, outfits, etc. She then told me that there were 2 other groups in front of us and it would be about 15 minutes before we got into a room. At 5:15pm we still had not began our photo session and 4 groups of people had gone before us (not 2). At this time there was us and 2 other couples who both arrived around 5pm waiting. I kept telling my kids we were next, they were hungry and ready to eat dinner. Then at 5:30 another employee comes over and ignores me completely, talks to the other two groups and tells them they are next and to be ready in a few minutes, then he walks off. I followed him back to the desk and asked him what was going on, he said we were next after those 2 groups. I told him we were next 2 groups ago. And that we had been there longer than they were by an hour, that an hour ago we were told we were going to wait about 15 min and there were 2 groups in front of us, that 4 had gone (not 2) and now he wants to put 2 more groups in front of us. I told him no. That we were next. He just said no. He had nothing to say for the fact that we were told something different, or that the other couples who both said that their appointments were at 5:15 and 5:30 should not go before us. He was not apologetic, he just did not care. So I wasted my entire afternoon in that store. I just left and told them I wasn't coming back, he just said, "ok".

  • Very upset with the Boardman Ohio location today! First we were taken back for our appt way past our appt time, they told us they schedule people every 10 mins to fit more people in a day! They did nothing but rush us thru the session even took pics of my kids crying instead of giving me time to calm my kids down! Then the girl that sold us our package totally lied to us! Walking out I spent $250 which I didn't happen to have today to spend but was told if I didn't buy the package with the cd I would forever lose all my pics that were just taken! When I asked if they would be available online to order more pics for any certain amount of time like any other studio they said no that they don't do that, which soon as I walked out to the car from paying I got an email with an online acct available to order pics!! Even an app for my phone!!!!! Then my "favorites" I picked had his single pics added in that I didn't pick that were going in te portrait book. I had said something about it where the lady selling me the package said "it's free" with an attitude. My hair looked horrible in half the pics she never even told me!! So upset with the money I spent and te lies I was told! Will not be going back agajn!

  • WORST experience ever in Boardman, Ohio on Saturday, 11/14/15. Waited 90 minutes past our appointment time to have a clearly inexperienced and apathetic girl take our photos. After 2 1/2 hours there, we ended with ONE decent photo. The first dozen of the session were totally black, many others had poor lighting and she made no attempt to pose my children in a reasonable fashion. The same associate did not know how to work the computer system or even type the text into the cards! She did not know how the Portrait Package/coupon special worked and argued that I was wrong – was trying to charge me for individual sheets. I had used Portrait Innovations before, in at least 2-3 other locations. After this experience, I will never use them again. It was a total waste of my time. I'm sure the company doesn't care but maybe this comment will save somebody else the aggravation. Now I have to find the time to get Christmas photos done somewhere else. Pathetic!!!

  • Getting the kids together for pictures is not always an easy task, but my experience with Leila was far from the usual craziness that comes with get them done. I arrived at my appointment early like usual, but was surprised when I was pleasantly greeted and taken to the back to start immediately. Throughout the whole process, she handled my cranky two-year-old with the utmost enthusiasm and energy. And to top it all off, the finished product was nothing short of adorable. Thank you, Portrait Innovations, for this wonderful experience and for the pleasure of getting to work with Leila!

    Location – 2108 Dallas Parkway, Plano, TX 75093

    Thank you 🙂

  • Went to portrait innovations in Columbus GA 08-27-15 it was HORRIBLE! We were rushed the entire time, the last almost made my baby fall and hit her face on a wooden crate!! She seemed like she had no experience especially with infants. We was going to purchase the 12.99 special where you're SUPPOSED to get 43 prints and a free canvas, we start picking out pictures and we asked her about it she told us we had to get a package that was at least 189.00 to get that deal! She told us we could come back the next day to pay for them so we left empty handed and disappointed when we got home we called to speak to the manager she said she had no idea why the girl told us that and that we could come back and shed give us extra possess for the inconvenience (which she didn't do) so we had to drive back over 50 miles again!! And she said it was a good thing we called when we did because our pictures were about to be deleted. We looked at the pictures when we got home (horrible mistake) She didn't give me one of the pictures i picked out so instead I got 2 of basically the same poses and never got my canvas!! One of the poses with my daughter in a white basket I didn't notice the basket was broke and that just kind ruined the picture I've tried calling the corporate office but can never get anyone I will NEVER go back or recommend this place to anyone they completely ruined my daughters first pictures!!

  • Today we went to your Waldorf ,MD store to get our family pictures done. As soon as I walked in I felt very uncomfortable… There was inappropriate adult music on. The lady who was taking our pictures was nice but I felt she wasn't helpful. She sat in one spot… didn't move… didn't try to get the kids attention… She had a toy that had bells on it that wasn't getting my 2 year olds attention. She didn't even tell me I was having wardrobe malfunctions. Out of 70 pictures there was only 5 that I even liked (not loved). I feel like I wasted $180. Until now I have always had a great session with this studio. I am very disappointed.

  • We went in today to have a family portrait done as well as our kids birthday pictures. Ages 1,4, & 5. Our session felt rushed. She was so concerned about not taking too many pictures that she missed most of the babys smiles. I didn't like how she interacted with the kids. She was very short and acted like they were these little terrors. They were actually pretty well behaved. There was no running around or temper tantrums at all. My son was getting into the chair after to look at the pictures with us and he accidentally bumped her leg and her reaction was ridiculous. Almost as if he stabbed her shin with a fork. He's 5 and he said he was sorry without me prompting him. She looked at him for a second like a complete jerk and finally said "okay."

    The main part that really irritates me is when we started going over the pictures. The packages start at over $500. I told her no. Then they try to guilt you by "getting rid of some really nice pictures." She kept making fun of my 5 year olds smile even when he was sitting right next to us. She actually said, "This one looks almost normal." right in front of him. I felt so bad. He is not very photogenic when you tell him to smile for a picture and he is self conscience about it.

    We told her we always buy too many pictures and that we didn't want to spend over $200. I told her money is tight and we always end up with a bunch of extras. I was guilted into buying a package for $255. But that is not the total that I paid. BEWARE! The total in the top corner means nothing. That is not including the $19.99 43 portrait collection, $23.96 handling fee, and $17.64 tax and fees charge. We walked out spending $311.58. By the time they rush you through everything and change a bunch of stuff up I was convinced she was going to flip out if I told her I wanted to go down to the next package. She kept saying "Well, you're doing 3 kids birthdays and a family portrait so it's really not that much." Ummm who is this lady to tell me what my budget for pictures is?? This is probably the last time I will be going here. I am so disappointed with my experience.

  • I was at your Lee's Summit, MO location on Friday late afternoon. My son was not having the picture taking and we only got a handful. Your associate seemingly understood and ask if I wanted to reschedule. I said let's try again and we waited to see if he was going to cooperate. We got a few more but it was like she had already given up and did not even attempt to take another picture. She mentioned coming back when they were not busy. There was only one other family the entire time I was there. At this point it was around 4:50 and they closed at 6 pm. I did not want to come back. Have you ever taken a 11 month old or your family to get pictures? It is a lot of work and if you work it is difficult to take more time off work to do so. There was a couple of cute pictures and my point in going was to document that he was 11 months old. I asked her if I could at least buy the best picture we had gotten. She said it was company policy that you have to do 4 scenes and it will not upload unless you had 60 pictures (sorry but it is a digital camera…it will upload the pictures.) I understand you are out to make money and this is their job. But again I ask you have you ever taken your child to get pictures? Sometimes it DOES NOT HAPPEN like you want it to or would like it to. Sometime you only get a few good pictures even if you take 60 shots. I ask her three times if I could just buy the one picture and she said no. It is obvious to me as a company you do not have family values or understand the value of your customers time so I will not be returning as I have done for several years.

  • We had a horrendous experience in the Louisville, KY location. The photographer was plain rude and obnoxious. He thought he could force me to buy extra pictures; he kept telling me and telling me that it cost them too much money if I just took the special deal. Yet all along, I had told him we were there because the special deal was all we could afford at that moment. He insisted over and over again that it would cost them too much money if I bought no extras. Honestly! And if he would have given me online access to see the pictures, when we got paid again, we probably would have bought some more. But he was so rude, he refused to even put my email address on the order form. By that point, I was so eager to get out of there! With 4 kids and 3 tiny grandkids, Portrait Innovations made a huge mistake by treating us this way since we would definitely have been a returning customer.

  • The one in Valdosta GA. today was the worst experience i have had. I took my 4 year old up there to get her birthday pictures done, and she was not acting the best she didnt really wanna take pictures once we got back there. But the lady seemed rushed and irritated that she was acting like a 4 year old. Then i asked her what her 2nd scenery would be and she informed me that her next appt was already there and they were busy so they wouldnt be doing a 2nd scenery. ( 1st i have an appt. 2nd i dont give a flying flip if your next appt is here, you need to focus on me right now.) Needless to say i left buying just their basic $29 package (which pissed me off, cause online the offered a $19) instead of anything else. But somehow still cost me $40 for a $29 package.
    I have been using them for 5 years and have never left pissed off and unsatisfied but i left today both. When i need to take my 8 year old for hers i will either drive a couple hours to another one, or go somewhere new.

  • Very unprofessional !! The location at 9918 Gulf Coast Main Street, Fort Myers, FL 33913 was a horriable experience with the photographer I had by the name Katie she was very pushy and missleading in the info she gave me .. Also a good friend of mine had pictures done by her outside of the studio I guess she has her own business outside of Portrait Innovations which I thought was illegal , but just wanted Corporate to kno this problem . Thank you for your immediate attention

    • I had a horrible experiance with her also ..she needs to be fired!!! and she running her on business outside of studio!!! She is a disgrace!!! So unprofessional!!

  • Was it just my pictures that turned out to be extremely low resolution? We took my 1 year old to get her first professional pics done today, payed $320 just to get their so called "high resolution" CD and was very very disappointed when we opened the files to find that the so called high res was only 6.7 mega pix witch I could get with a cheap disposable camera, my Iphone takes higher res pics then that. When I purchased this extremely expensive package I was expecting a res of at least 18 mega pix witch is what a professional grade camera like 5 years ago could take, and I know it was not the camera it was a high grade camera so why did they take my pics in such low res? I just don't understand it, I can't really do anything with these pics, the poses turned out great and the photographer was absolutely awesome but the end product defiantly is not worth the price I was charged, who wants pics that are so low res that you can not have them enlarged or in any way altered from the original size.

  • The Valdosta Georgia location is horrible. We've had pictures taken there since they opened; however, due to their rude and unprofessional manager Nicole we will not return again.


  • We made an appointment by phone two weeks before hand. When we arrived at the studio to check in, we were told they did not have an appointment. The person checking us in became rude and displayed unprofessional behavior. She told us that we were not going to be seen but we could go to another store that was an hour away. The studio were we scheduled the appointment was five minutes from home. I then confronted the four workers who were just standing around the cash register and stated we had made the appointment (gave them the date and time the appointment was made) and that it was not my problem that they had someone working who did not do their job properly. I also confronted them with the fact that I have spent hundreds of dollars for several years and I told them they needed to figure something out because we were going to be seen and have the pictures taken. After a few minutes, I was told we would be seen. While we were sitting in the studio, we missed a phone call but a voice message was left. We checked the message and it was from someone in the studio where we were and the message stated that they noticed we missed our appointment and wanted to know if we wanted to reschedule. Are they really serious! We had to go through the hassle of them stating we did not have an appointment and being to told drive an hour away to get the phone call that we missed our appointment and we are sitting right there. What a mess! We explained to the manager what happened and even played the message for the photographer. The manager's response was "oh". The photographer apologized for what had happen and was actually great taking the pictures and did a wonderful job. The hassle put a big frustration on what is to be a fun experience. This business is not new and they are aware of the busy time, they need to make sure their employees know how to do their jobs properly and they need to have their employees go through a customer service training concentrating on professionalism.

  • Mansfield, Ohio. (Dec. 7th, 2014) Not only was this one of the worst experiences in my entire life. The pictures were awful, I could have taken better pictures with my eyes shut. The employees never cleaned the facility. at least 30-40 sick kids at any given time running around touching everything, snot dripping, coughs spewing germs everywhere, and not one time did an employee clean a surface or disinfect any piece of furniture, mind you we stood there for a good 2-3 hours. We left there not knowing we had just contracted one of the worst lung infections anyone has ever witnessed. sent me to the hospital. it has been 11 days since then, and my family and I are all still ill. the health dept. says they have no authority over this type of business. so this is my last resort. to tell everyone to stay away from this haven of filth, and unprofessionalism. terrible experience. WARNING: DO NOT GO TO THIS BUSINESS, THEY WILL TRY TO RIP YOU OFF AND THEN DEGRADE YOU, AND MAKE YOU FEEL STUPID.

  • Had a great experience at the Chandler, AZ studio. In and out within an hour. Our coordinator was Matt, and he was super friendly, efficient, and funny! My kids kept laughing at him being goofy. Thanks, we'll be back again next year!

  • Okay….I am reading all of the negative comments and I am wondering WHY Corporate is not addressing these issues since this appears to be a problem with all or at least most of their stores.
    I originally had wonderful experiences at the Perrysburg, Ohio store when they were new but that has changes the last couple of years. I have previously sent Corporate a letter regarding a referal I sent them. Now once again my daughter had Christmas pictures scheduled and my grandchild is terribly sick so she called and TRIED to reschedule and guess what rudeness abounds at that store! And I am sure my daughter ended the call badly.
    I think until I start hearing positive things again I will be boycotting the studio. And PLEASE Corporate people….look into your stores and DO SOMETHING because obviously there is something very wrong!
    Thanks, Deb

  • Took my children in to the Roanoke, VA location for Christmas photos. We arrived on time and started about 15 minutes after our appointment time. Several photos were quickly taken with the Christmas background and then we had to wait another 15 minutes or so for the next background. More photos were taken even more quickly than the first. My kids were posed so quickly by the photographer's assistant they had looks of surprise and confusion on their faces in the photos. They used a plain white background and it completely washed out the kids. The assistant kept telling my kids "now don't you laugh" over and over so my 10 year old took that challenge and did just that. He had a frown on his face in almost all of the photos taken in the white background. Now it was time to look at the photos. We quickly eliminated almost all of the photos that were taken. I almost walked out with nothing, but decided on a photo of my kids where you can't even really see their faces because they are looking at a book. I purchased the coupon package and extra Christmas cards. This is my second disappointing visit at this location. The first time there I walked out before they finished the session because we had been there for over 2 hours and were no where finished with the appointment. I sat down tonight and realized that my order is short 5 cards. After this appointment we went to see Santa. The photo taken there was better than the photos at Portrait Innovations! Next year, I will just take their Christmas photos myself.

  • We had pictures done yesterday at your studio in Newport News, VA. Called two weeks ahead of time to make my appt. tried to make it a month ahead of time and was told they don't make appts that far in advanced. Seemed weird to me but figured it was just policy. Arrived fifteen minutes ahead of schedule and no one took us back until forty five minutes later but just figured they we busy with the family of twelve they took back before us. I can understand things happen but I have a seven month old child and these were her first pictures at a studio. I figured by this point she would be hungry and a screaming mess because I didn't want to feed her in her nice Christmas outfit. They finally took us back and everything went wonderfully, she smiled, loved the man behind the person taking the photos, and no crying happened. Well; then we sat down to view the pictures, which started at $499.00. I told the woman that that was too much and we proceeded to "take away" some photos that we could live without. We went over all the book and calendar options. Then she hit us with the next price, $399.00. I very quickly told her we would just be here for the holiday package for $19.99. She proceed to go over every package form there. "taking away" all of my child's beautiful pictures because we could not afford them. Words can express how angry I was. I was very patient up until then. She should have asked us to just pick a picture and not tease us with all the other options, when I clearly stated that's what I wanted from the beginning. I proceeded to ask if we bought the 19.99 package could I also by the CD as well, she giggled and said "we don't do that, you have to buy the next package up". Needless to say I was very embarrassed not only because all of this happened in front of the whole waiting room, but because I felt insulted when I asked a simple question and could not afford the "next package up". My fiancé and I are on our own and just trying to get by and we thought pictures would be a nice way to spend time together. I'm very upset. the quality was wonderful but the way yall handle things is ridiculous. When I say I want one thing, don't show me a million other EXPENSIVE option you know I cant afford. Things need to change if you want to keep returning customers. So unprofessional. I expect something to be done and to be emailed promptly at, Mandalloy@juno.com. If not, I will be calling your corporate office everyday until I get a response.
    Thank you,
    -a very unhappy parent/customer

    I spent an hour looking for some type of email to contact you privately but all I could find was this.

  • Charlotte-NC
    I recieved an e-mail with the "special Offer" of a Holiday Portrait for $19.99; So, I decided to give a $25 Gift Certificate as a present for my friend's 1-year-old girl bitrhday. We went to the Ballantyne Location. The staff was friendly; BUT… Yeap!… Here is the big "BUT"! This is a set up!!!! When we arrived, we clearly stated we wanted to use the 19.99 Offer with the coupon we printed. After the "studio experience"; they set us up! He starting showing us all the pictures in packages starting at $529!!!
    SO, then, he started deleting pictures but still on the super over priced packages!!! Every time we stated it was too much pictures in thos packages , he made comparison in prices to other places , mentioning Wallmart, JP Penney, etc…. The baby was already hungry, crying, and he still insisted in the packages and after 1hr. he said that the lowest package he will do was $129.00 l making sound that he was doing us a favor! This is done on purpose!!! The location makes you spend all this time in front of their computers; showing you all these different packages… When I mentioned we only wanted the Holyday Special; He replied: "YOU SEE HOW BUSY WE ARE HERE TODAY?"; "THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE COME AND DO"…. "NO BODY HERE GETS THOSE!"' "It is only one pose and a bunch of little ones"!!!!! … He did all the time that we were in front of that computer discouraging us; making it sound that we were the only family there asking that. It was so uncomfortable that we just gave in!!!!!!!
    The pics are ok… NOT GREAT! We also waited there for 45 min. to get the printouts! I can get those at Costco ….
    For all that torture… I STRONGLY ADVICE FAMILIES NOT TO GO! WE COULD HAVE USE SHUTTERFLY and have the same or BETTER experience for a lot less!!!

  • Thank you for using the Better Business Bureau's Online Complaint System.
    Your complaint has been assigned case # 472228.
    Correspondence regarding this complaint will be emailed to : xxxxxx@aol.com
    Please print a copy of this for your records.

    Filed on : November 26 2014

    Filed by :
    xxx xxxx
    xxx xxxxl Ave
    Belmont NC 28012

    Filed against :
    Portrait Innovations
    401 Cox Rd Ste 178
    Gastonia NC 28054-0661

    Complaint Description:
    Associate: Amber H. implied that we would have all portraits available to us on included CD for our use with package we were persuaded to purchase. Session ID #: 00209_20141123_0014C Associate: Amber H. On 11/23/2014 we took our grandchildren to the Portrait Innovations at 401 Cox Road Ste. 178 for a photo session where we have taken them before. I have always been satisfied with the quality and value of the services received at this location however this experience was different due to the persuasive sales techniques that we have fallen victim to. It was implied that with the additional portrait package that I purchased (which was above the promotional package)that I would receive a "Portrait CD" which would give me access to all of the portraits taken during this session. I was mislead to think that I would own the portraits on the "Portrait CD" and be able to utilize them to create more portraits to share with other family members. At no point was there any disclosure that the "Portrait CD" was a copyright item belonging to Portrait Innovations.

    Your Desired Resolution:
    I expect the "Portrait CD" to be copyright released to allow me to utilize the portraits contained on it for my own use and reproduction for my personal use as was implied when I made the purchase. There would have been no incentive for me to be enticed to purchase a portrait package containing a "Portrait CD" if the said "Portrait CD" is useless to me. I feel that I have been victimized by deliberate and intentional misleading sales tactics to influence me to purchase additional portrait package(s) above the requested promotional / advertised package that I presented my coupon for.

  • November 22, 2014
    I had an appointment set for 1:50 PM and was told to arrive on time with my family and we did arrive at about 1:30 PM. I asked the receptionist if the photographers were on time with the appointment and she stated that they were, I then checked in and we sat down to wait our turn. I was not pay any attention to the receptionist when she came over to me and told me that she didn't want me to think that she was putting anyone before me (because she had just sent a family to take their pictures) I said okay and she assured me that we would be next, and I stated that I'm was okay with that. The time is now 1:48 and another family walks in and the receptionist sent the photographer to them, I then got up from where I was sitting and I asked her about what she had just told me, that I was next. She tried to change her wording because the supervisor was standing there, and I corrected her and told her that's not what you said you told me and my family that we were next. The supervisor jumped in the conversation saying that "we always take our appointments before walk ins !! I then corrected her and told her that I did have an appointment then she said that she mad a mistake, she is human you know and she can make a mistake, I then told her that I was not talking to her and she should not have even come to me to tell me that we were next. So the supervisor just kept on saying that she is human you know then my husband said did you here my wife, she still said that we were next, then she stop talking. I still was watching them and the supervisor mumble the word B%#@&, and I then told her that she didn't have to mumble it and she the said to me do you have a problem and i told her yes with you because I wasn't talking to you. I then told her that I don't have to talk to you I will call your corporate office and she then said you can call then I don't care call them. They were very unprofessional and rude, people were in there waiting for long periods of time for their photos. When we talked to our photographer and asked her who was the manager on site and she stated her name was Jenifer and when we describe the person to that we were talking about she said yes that her, and that our photographer was the assistant manager and she apologized for her and I then told her no she should come to apologize not her. Then we took the pictures but by then I was not in the mood to take pictures. Then when it was time to pay for the pictures I had a coupon for $5.00 off of a $19.00 package and it should have been $14.00 but when it was time for me to pay the package cost me $21.58 they took off the $5 then put it back on there for handling fees. Portrait Innovations is a rip off and a class action law suit needs to be filed against them for all of the times that they have ripped people off with the false advertizements.
    Garfield Heights, Ohio

  • I am appalled by your studio and the staff member who told me to go take a snap shot instead. Your scheduling, customer sevice and quality are far below par and I feel like I deserve an apology. Evansville, IN

  • I scheduled a portrait session for my kids 2 weeks ago for today at 1:40 and when I came in they told me they were 7 families behind and it would be another 45 minutes. They were overbooked and needless to say I am not rescheduling and plan on taking my family elsewhere. This is a bad first impression.

  • Went to Tulsa studio yesterday 11/15/14 and it really sucks manager is very unprofessional, lies, dirty,rude very unprofessional worst experience ever ..very misleading.. will be calling corporation tomorrow am.

  • I will no longer be using your company. I have two children and have been a faithful customer for five years. I have always purchased the larger packages but this time I decided to only get the $19.99 one and to add on $60 in Christmas cards. I explained that my mother was going to order all of her Christmas gift from the virtual studio as I gave her email address to the employee will finishing up my order I was told that was a great idea. Come to find out I did not by enough pics and this company will not allow you to buy on-line unless you spend at least $100. I have been mislead and lied to. So I will no longer use this company. I have referred many people to Portrait Innovations but no longer. I am done with this company.

  • Im in a similar situation with the pictures being so important to us. I had a session today and did not get 1 thing I went for. This was a one time opportunity for me. I xalled weeks before to make sure they would be able to meet my standards and if there was tbe tiniest bit of doubt that I would have to go somewhere else due to this will only happen once. They assured me I would be more then happy. My world is so crushed, I can not believe these people operate like this. Im really feeling sick about it. It seems like this is common from them. I dont even understand how that can even be legal. This is just sp wrong, I hurt for anyone who feels the way I do after dealing with these people.

  • In the past my experience was wonderful but recently I have decided that Portrait Innovations is NOT customer friendly. I purchased a product that was defective. The customer service rep, Jasmine and her supervisor, a name I could not spell refusing to make good on replacing it properly. I had it engraved with full confidence that it was a quality product. Guess what? It wasn't!!! So I am not only out the cost of the keychain but also the almost $25 I paid to engrave it. Don't sell something you won't stand behind. I will not only never darken their doors anymore but will never recommend them and will let anyone who will listen that they are not who they claim to be. Beware of Corporate Dishonesty. I am so so disappointed. I was diagnosed with leukemia and pictures at this point in my life are really important. Guess they don't care. Hope you can sleep well knowing you've broken my heart! I'll let the BBB know as well.

  • I recently went to Portrait Innovations in Macon, GA. The customer service was lacking. The photographer didn't seem to have much experience with babies and kept complaining about not being able to get my child to smile so another photographer came to assist and it worked just fine. Well once I viewed the pictures she made it seem like she could not tell me how much the photos would be. Once my photos were sent to print, I realized that what was on the screen was not the same image that printed. When I asked about it, I was told that it just does that like it's ok. So I had to wait while those photos were photoshopped and reprinted. I also point out that the CD will need to be redone as well to reflect the newest and she looked at me and said she think she can do it because she wasn't sure. The picture I chose for the advertised package was edited after I walked away. It was just a waste of time and money. I will not be returning to their store.

  • Went to have pics made of my 6 yr old son and 4 week old son, worst experience ever. Rude employees that have no idea how to deal with children, and tacky photos that were way too dark to begin with. So disappointed that I had driven an hour for these terrible pictures. Never going back. Called corporate office and asked for a refund. Going to spend another weekend having pics made again somewhere else.

  • NEVER go to the Portrait Innovations in Avon, Ohio at French Creek. I have gone there twice a year for each of my children's birthday pictures since they opened years ago. Every time I swear I am never going back but now I definitely won't. I was able to ignore when some child peed on a couch and they did nothing about it so people sat in it (unsanitary!?! disgusting!?!) I ignored when they were rude to me. I ignored the way they treated my child like she was stupid. I allowed it because I thought that I was getting a good price for my portraits and couldn't find it at that price anywhere else – I will now pay an additional amount NOT to deal with these people . NO MORE! Yesterday I took my daughter for her 10 year picture and they wouldn't let me use THEIR coupon to get their $14.99 deal. They said that it was intended to be used when purchasing a larger package and not by itself. I don't NEED all their hundreds of photos – I just wanted her 10 year picture.. I didn't need the disk, the mugs, the books – so don't be rude when I say I don't want them. The girl brought the manager over because I wouldn't buy more and he pressured me – really!? Then they were rude to me when I said that I didn't want more – they said that they were measured by how much they sold!

  • My first and last time ever going to portrait innovations in Flint Michigan at Genesee Valley Mall, all of the associates treat you like you're stupid and and they tell you all these lies to get you to purchase pictures that are completely horrible and you can't purchase the CD, these are my sons first birthday pictures and now I will have to go and get them done at a different place hopefully with a better turn out. The store closes at 6:00 pm, our appointment was at 4:30 pm we got there probably 4:25 pm and after our session one of the computers messed so she had to wait and redownload it on another one so that took some time. It was already after 6:30 p.m. When we finally got done she tells us our pictures would be ready in 20 minutes and that we could leave and she would call us when the pictures are ready we went inside the mall we come back out at 7 o'clock because no one had called us and they were closed, pitch black doors locked closed. I called them the next day to see what happened and they tell me to my face that I'm a liar and that they were there until 7:30 pm, when I have proof on my phone that I called them 3 times standing right outside of the door while it was dark in there at 7 o'clock p.m. . So that was the worst experience and it was also a lesson because I will never go there again and I will be sure to let my family and friends know that that is the worst studio ever.

  • I have been to my local location several times with my kids to do their birthday pictures. The picture quality has been very good. However, the customer service by the employees is awful. The photographers are not good with children and they will not pose your younger children. You have to do it. Also when I went today they printed my picture the wrong direction. They printed a landscape ahot when I wanted a portrait shot. While they did fix it, one employee was laying on the couch playing on his cell phone. When you go to hire someone make sure that they have good people skills or you will be loosing customers. I already know of other families who have gone else where due to poor service

  • Portrait innovations is lying to you. They'll tell you they don't keep your photos on file to make you buy a package that comes with a CD. They actually do keep your pictures, usually for several months. Also that CD they pretty much strong armed you to buy? Useless. It's copy right protected so you can't use it anywhere to get prints. Nor can you print them out yourself at home because it says portrait innovations on all of your photos. Lastly, they try to sell you larger packages buy offering you "free" product. You are definitely paying for it. If you make them remove the products from your order the price will go down. Seriously, ask them to take it out and watch as they try to argue their way around it so you won't see you're being charged extra for it.

  • This place is ridiculous and didn't even bother to explain it all, sizes, specials etc… Erin's customer service sucks and I will not be returning to the Fredericksburg VA store.

  • My first and last time ever going to portriat innovations. The photographer was very rude and pushy. She yelled at me and stated that I had to purchase the pictures she took or leave with nothing. My sons eyes were closed in our family picture and my head was cut off on the printed sheets.

  • Im a customer that orders products online and now I find out unless I spend approximately $100 I cannot buy online. Ive been with the company a few years in Ga and then when I moved to AL. But Im done. Kids are usually fussy by the end of a session for me to take time out to look at what I may want extra. I'll find another company.

    • I was told that this was the rule since Christmas but that is untrue because I seen my photos online for Valentines Day. How do you expect people to spend extra money and for family members out of town to go purchase photos they want.

  • I have had pictures of my daughter done at our local Portrait innovations a number of times (9 months old, Christmas at 15 months old, and spring/Easter at 18 months old). Each time we had a great experience. Christmas was a little rough, but that was entirely our child. We have never been rushed, even though it has been packed each time we have been there. With the last session they even held my photos and didn't order anything, allowing me to come back a different day to add a few family photos on the end (My husband couldn't make it the first day as planned).

    My daughter is VERY shy and very resistant to strangers. By the end of this last session she hugged our photographer (Gillian) by her own accord. My daughter never ever hugs anyone willingly except very close immediate family. she clearly really liked the experience as well. When I told my husband, he was astounded.

    Each time we have gone hoping to get a few good pictures. The biggest problem that we run into is that we want them all as there are so many good ones.

    The one thing that I wish was different was the pricing. There are many instances where I want a photo book and want a couple of pictures printed. I was told the first few times that I could not just order a photo book and a handful of pics and that the photo book could only purchased at the higher level of pictures. I was recently told this is not the case and that I could have ordered online. If I had known that and had been able to spend a little less on prints we haven't used, I probably would have come back for 1 year pictures.

    The pricing is the biggest obstacle. The experience each time, however, has been fantastic.

    Location: Woodbury, MN
    Associate who I LOVE and who has gone above and beyond to make each experience great: Gillian.

  • I am looking into purchasing senior portraits, but there is no pricing. How can I compare prices if they don't offer a price.

  • Marietta, GA – I wish I had seen the above comments prior to scheduling my sons Birthday pictures. I am also one who buys personalized gifts from the website after my session and now I am not able to because I did not purchase 3 poses in the store. The kicker was I was not information about this at the time of the session, I didn't find out until after the session was over and I waiting for my photos to be printed. I am beyond disappointed in this change and I will NOT be spending any more of my money with this company.
    The customer service was terrible today!!! I saw several of the photographer's just standing around not taking care of their customers and the gentleman working there was EXTREMELY rude to a customer who was coming in to pick up her pints and pointed out an error. I felt so embarrassed for her as I waiting for our session (which of course was late as always). I will be returning to Target to get my children's pictures done and I will be sure that I NEVER send anyone to this company to get their photos done.

    • I agree with you! I was very upset with the new rule on online photos…However, even with the (3) $70 poses you would still NOT get the book…You would still have to order it online. So if I did order the book every month like I did in the past I would have to spend $110 a month…I love getting my son's photos taken; however, I will NOT spend $110 plus tax a month just to get a hard cover book!!! I only spend $100+ on Easter, Birthdays, and Xmas!!! Why would I want 3 poses of just St. Patrick's Day!!! I do NOT have enough wall space for all those photos that is why I would buy the book online to have ALL the photos but just in a hard cover book!!! When I called the Portrait Innovation Corporate Office Headquarters to voice my opinion the women on the other end acted like she did not care about what I was saying…Plus, I had to ask if it was the number to voice opinions because she did not really say anything other than just prices. I know she did not make the change for the new rule about online photos; however, she could have said, "I am sorry that you are upset about the change. I will voice your opinion to my boss." something like that….Not just telling me the prices. I don't need to know the prices…I go every month! I know the prices! Plus, she was wrong! She said the (3) poses were $49.99…No, it is NOT! I should not know more about prices than an employee! I just do NOT understand why I cannot buy a hard book just because I did not spend $70+ in the store! I am still spending MY money on the online site so they (Portrait Innovations) are still making money! I

  • I love Portrait Innovations only because of a Photographer named Bobbi in Greenwood, IN. She is the only photographer I will go to because she is really good with my kids and always does what we ask. There was a time I went there and did not use her and my experience was AWFUL! The manager there is rude and wouldn't compensate us when we got terrible pictures.

    • Davenport, Iowa. I love the employees in the Davenport, Iowa store! They are polite, patient, and knows my son's name every time we come into the store. My complaint is with the NEW rule about online photos ( I was told the new rule happened this Monday, February 24, 2014.) I have ALWAYS gone to Portrait Innovations for my son's photos since he was born! (Every month! New Years, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Birthday, Fall photos, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas AND just because I feel like getting his photos done! My son is now 18 months plus another baby on the way); however, today when I went for his St. Patrick's Day photos I was informed that I will no longer be able to purchase more photos and/or personalize portrait gifts and keepsake gifts for myself/friends/family from the online site just because I am NOT spending $70+ in the store. I have almost every month purchased a personalized hard cover book from the online site; however, now because I did not purchase the $70 (3) pose collection I will be no longer have the ability to order the additional portrait books, calendars, blankets, mugs, or greeting cards like I did in the past all because I did not spend $70+ in the store. I find this very insulting! My money is good enough in the store; however, Portrait Innovations Corporate feels I am NOT a valued customer because I did not buy a $70+ package so I am restricted from purchasing any additional items online.(?) I feel that EVERY customer should be valued and be allowed the same online options regardless of how much they are spending in the store…I am still spending my money on the Portrait Innovations site so why should it matter if I am spending $10, $20, $30 or $ 70+ in the store? I am very upset that I am not allowed to purchase any additional items from the online site just because I did not spend $70plus!

    • I work at a portrait Innovations in midland Texas
      and I completely agree with that comment. I felt it was wrong that they took away the opportunity to receive the personal studio even if you only get the special. I was upset finding that out. And I found that out because I was at the end of a session and my boss over heard me selling and said oh they won't get that because they didn't buy enough and I was a little embarrassed. But I agree entirely with your statement

    • I can't even imagine how much those poor photographers dread seeing your appointment book every month. The money that you spend isn't good or bad but it's not enough to keep a studio in business. The company lost so much money from people like you taking pics every month and spending less than $20 that they had to take the option away. So now you have to spend $70. You'll either start spending money or you'll stop wasting everyone's time every holiday and whenever you feel like it. It's a business. They are trying to stay in business.

    NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

  • We went to the Madison, Wi studio. HORRIBLE experience! There were 5 kids ages 6-14 y/o. The pictures weren't centered at all and the prints came out with the props on the sides. They cut the head off my daughter and nephew in the pictures – had to reprint them. They 'forgot' to take individual pictures of my niece and then when we noticed it when picking pictures they refused to correct there mistakes. When we received the books & calendar in the mail – one book & calendar needed to be reprinted. After 6 messages left at corporate office without any return call – the studio emailed them to get them reprinted. Received them 3 weeks later and the calendar was different pictures than wanted. Trying to get that reordered AGAIN corporate office yelled at me and hung up on me! I am frustrated yes, but at no time raised my voice completely unprofessional! Could have gotten better quality pictures from a disposable camera.

  • Very upset order a Christmas gift n was told it would be delivered to my house before Christmas n then I got an email December 23, saying it it was at the studio n the r closed December 24th so now I don't have my gift to give very disappointed

  • My 3 month old was ready for her pics. .. they took 1.5 hrs to get to us. . She got irritated, aggravated, and all the above. . Cried the entire session. . Hated the pics. . Went bought a new dress for dif pics. . Basically wasted time and money. .. NEVER AGAIN

  • It was the worst experience ever for christmas pictures. I had to wait an hour to get serviced and the photoghaer rushed our session and was very rude in the process. I will not recommend this place to anyone for pictures.

  • Had the wrost experience location winter garden fl they were so nasty and rude not wanting to take pics if my lil sisters in there cheer outfits with the trophy they won this weekend like wth when we made the appointment we said it would be in there cheer uniforms duh! Got there both nasty ladies gave us attitude for no reason said we could and making nasty comments that well be the very last time I go there or to any take my business somewhere else

  • Very disappointed with Orchard Park NY location. My fiancee and I booked an appointment for 820am somewhere we made the mistake thinking our appointment was at 840 am when we realized this at 8am we knew we could still make it by 830 or 840 we called to studio and they said they were too booked to let us come in 20 min late. i know its the busy holiday season but the man on the phone gave us no help no word of encouragement for us to try to make it as soon as possible and they will try to fit us in. They gave us nothing. This was our first and last experience.

  • picture/print quality has gone down hill terribly…prices have gone up, and $20 handling fee??? very unprofessional and expensive… time to make some changes or close up shop!
    disappointed in medina, ohio

  • HORRIBLE! We made an appointment for christmas pictures for 5:40 at the clarksville, Indiana store, and when we walked in and told her we had an appointment, the terribly rude woman working said, "yeah, you and everyone else." She stated that there were 5 groups in front of us, and it was standing room only in the store. I don't understand why a company would overbook appointments like this. Apparently, the company has no reguard for the time and trouble it takes to get 6 children (form 5mo – 11yr) ready for a group picture. Thanks alot for the waste of a day, portrait innovations.

  • This was the most abysmal and unacceptable experience pretty much, well, in the history of abysmal and unacceptable business experiences! We had an appointment first thing in the morning – 8:40am to be exact. The photographer was 30 minutes late and had the nerve to ask, "have y'all really been waiting here since 8:40?" That alone was upsetting enough to submerge my expectations, but wait – it got worse!! Crappy session, the photographer's personality was crappy, overall a crappy time had by all. Trying to get a refund but evidentalky that takes a little over a week!!!!

  • PORTRAIT INNOVATIONS LOST MY COMPANY'S BUSINESS EMPLOYEE PHOTOS! All 60 of them were accidentally lost somehow. Corporate headquarters offered me 20% discount to resolve. What an insult! What about all the time and money lost due to 18 employees traveling to the studio on company times? I've been on hold with their customer service line for 16 minutes … and it's not even an 800#. Do not use this company! They are a waste of time and money.

  • Veer away from Portrait Innovations in Barboursville, WV. Nice pics but the staff is very rude. Rather than nicely explaining policy, they will call you dishonest and tell you that you were trying to pull one over on them. There are some nice photographers but having experienced Doug and manager, Sharon, is enough for me to stay far away!


  • Very bad experience in medina ohio. Male photographer was very rude. Didn't want to listen to what we were looking for with senior pictures. Ended up walking out. Very disrespectful.

  • Usually have a great experience when I go into the Algonquin,IL location but we recently went in for a session & the "Assistant Manager" was our photographer & I don't think we'll be going back anymore. She did a HORRIBLE job & had a bad attitude spent $150 on horrible pictures. She didn't try to make us or the babies feel comfortable with her, bad posing,pictures were cropped bad & overall bad experience.

  • VERY bad experience at the Plano, Texas location. Very unprofessional, the printer was not working & they made very little effort to get my kids to look at the camera & smile. They told me they get no support from their corporate office & I should complain to the Better Business Bureau. Parents, don't waste your time at this location.

  • Heather and Nell in the Clifton Commons, NJ store were SO helpful. We are a family of 8 adults and 3 kids, one of which is 6 months old, and they tirelessly got everyone to smile!! If someone's hair was out of place, shirt twisted, jewelry clasp showing, they fixed it. Our pictures came out excellent and we even got a large canvas free to put over our fireplace. They spent a lot of time with us and were very patient. We could not be happier!

  • My husband and I had a bad experience…We have done all of our family pictures here before and they turned out good…We waited two hrs for our pictures to get done a hour at dinner and another hour in thier parking lot well past closing time just for them to tell us that our pictures will not be ready…we went there the next day late afternoon and the pictures were still not ready…a lady called that night letting us know that our pictures were in but they will only stay opned for 15 more minutes and we stay at least 30 minuets away…That Sunday when we finally got our pictures I asked if they were giving out any special deals or at least a coupon towards our next visit for the wait…And they NO…No more family pictures done there

  • We have always loved our experience with Portrait Innovations. The quality of the pictures and friendliness of the staff have been great. My one complaint is having to purchase your 3 sheet collections with different poses. For example: I felt forced to pick 9 different poses for the deal I want to use; instead of 9 "collections." What difference does it make if I am picking the same pose for 2 or 3 "collections"? How does that matter when it comes to the cost of 3 sheet collection? Please, please, please consider changing this policy or I may have to go elsewhere to get the quanity of pictures I need with the poses I want. And yes, I do get always get the portrait package that has a ton of pictures of one pose.

  • Awful in Plano, TX! The pictures were printed – one on the white background, the other one (same pose) on the blue background – something was off with the printer. They told me they would reprint and wait 15 minutes. 1.5 hrs later, the same result. AWFUL!

  • Terrible experience at Boardman Ohio location! They just stood around while the photographer obviously needed help with.my son. He wasnt crying or upset, but as a usual 2 year old didnt want to sit still. They force you to get things you dont want like books and calendars claiming they are free but then charge you high handling fees. Also the CD is horrible quality not even worthy of uploading to facebook.

  • Worst expierence in midlothian virginia. So disapointed that my 1 year olds first birthday pictures did not come out. The photographer did not listen to anything I requested and rushes my family through because the people in front of us were late!

  • HORRIBLE in LINCOLN, NE. The woman that owns the place CHRIS is horrible. She is rude, mean and bad with kids! We have been here in the past and it was okay. Chris was horrible with my son. SHE should be fired!

  • I would have had better pictures taken at Target. My pictures were dark, so dark I don't know why they could have allowed them to be given to me. I spent $168 and that money is now gone with only nothing but crap pictures to show for it! I will not return there at the West Des Moines, IA store. I ordered 3 books and a canvas picture as well with these same pictures to be printed in them. They really need to have a true 100% return policy. They say they have a return policy but they don't hold up to it! Somebody needs to fix this issue!!!

  • Pensacola, FL Joshua & amanda ruined my experience for my family photos. Very sad at the way they treated me. Shaking his finger at me. RUDE! You don'th ave to worry about me coming back….

  • I had a terrible experience at portrait innovations in Terre Haute, Indiana. Told the guy exactly what I wanted from the very beginning and that I just wanted pics of my kids together and all he mostly did was them apart. He ended up taking crapy pics and they came out blurry and the lettering on the cards were chopped in half! I had a coupon forthe package I wanted and got screwed out of that too. They said they couldn't fix the pic that was blurry and I would have to pic a different pose~well the rest sucked. I told them I wanted the coupon package only and they said "no"! Had to get a refund and no pictures! So messed up! Never go there again!

  • I had the worst experiences ever at portraits innovation in Georgia my son.third birthday pictures are ruined I'll never go here again

  • Terrible experience! Salesman did not listen to my wife at all. He made her pick picture she stated she did not like. He disregarded all of her concerns . Anyway she wasted $130.00. We ended up with a picture book that has the same picture in it 7 times. Some other pictures in it 2+ times. Honestly could have made the crappy book into 3 pages. The final draft she reviewed was not the final product we received. Any reputable service would not have sent a consumer something of this poor quality. I would highly recommend any other portrait studio you can find in your area. At least definately in Omaha. Try JC Penny or something.

  • Y'all need to seriously do a mistery shop in the Tyler TX division and also do a drug test on yyour employees one fir sure I know wont pass

    • Terrible! Just terrible. We took our engagement photos here and was there over 5 hours. A lot of people were there complaining about them taking long and having attitudes. The first photographer that took our photos was unexperienced and the pictures were bad. We were asked to comeback two hours later totaling 7 hours to get our pics taken again. The second shoot was not any better. After complaining and calling corporate we were hung up on numerous times and told that our number was being blocked. Ashley in corporate is very rude as well as a girl named Tanisha. Portrait Innovations have no respect for their customers or our engagement photos. We were told that in order to get a refund that we would haft to write a letter and wait for our funds to be sent by voucher in the mail. Considering that we haft to hire another professional photographer and our wedding day is approaching our save the dates are not out yet and my wife is stressing all because of this. I would not recommend anyone to Portrait Innovations. Please save your money and hire a true professional. These are only employees that are given a camera with no proper training or knowledge in focus, lighting, or customer service….. My rating is well below 1, I personally rate them at zero….. John, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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