Ryan’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Ryan’s Buffet Corporate Office Headquarters
1020 Discovery Rd., Ste. 100
Eagan, MN 55121 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-651-994-8608
Fax Number: 1-651-365-2356
Customer Service Number: 1-800-871-0956

  • I've been eating at Ryans in Commerce Ga.for over 5 years and I have always got a double discount on Sunday,Veteran and senior,this last Sunday this new Manager if you want to call him that said they didn't do that any more,their food is not worth almost 29 dollars.

  • I had a meal today at Ryan's in Union City, TN. One of the main reasons I go to Ryan's is for the crab salad. I was more than disappointed to discover that you switched the traditional crab salad with a noddle crab salad. The taste was soooo bad I could not eat it. Please go back to the traditional salad we all love!

  • I must say I had a busy, and great Sunday working at Ryans in North Augusta, SC sunday, regular customers from peach orchard road . UNTILL a dmanager name Mark, at the end of the night insult me, and said some horrible things, to me, is this how you train a manager to call the employees , names. His behavior was the most out rate I have every seen. I have been with Ryans off and on for about 8 or 9 years. I help close peach orchard road, I have ethic and moral. I would never or never have seen a manager (upper manager ) be so out rate. I went to a class in Greenville to train for management back in the early 80 or maybe 90's and the first thing they taught was how to respect your customers but also the employees. I have work with some A-managers but I learned from them because they sat you down and talk to you, this MARK do not need to hold a position of such high nature and talk or speak to a employee that way. I have called your coporate office if there is one, but do not look for a phone call back. When you say to someone face, that you are 'sour-pus' that's calling some one a (ASS). How sorry a person you are, thank GOD I'am a humble person, because your words did not hurt but your lack and ability to speak in a tone of professionalism and ethics shows this person needs to be re-train. YES you sent me home, which was fine, but not once did you 'EVER' have a complaint on me, I handles two parties of 20, 12-15 and a nine and cleaned up without any help. If that is sorry, I do not think he knows what it is. I look forward to a responds and a apologies. I also would like to hear from a corporate manager or owner about what just happen in the North Augusta, Store. I'm 58 and fix and love people. I'm also the office manager at a top tax office here in Augusta, Ga. the only time I work at Ryans is part time. 2 complaints in the years I have been there and that's because I would not give them something 'free' so they made up something. I'm also old school service is my main concern not a lot of chatter unless I have a senior who needs to talk and I will listen. Hopefully someone will get in touch with me or my manager in North Augusta, and lets deal with this problem.

  • April 29,2016 Ryans in Clarksburg, WV My family went to Ryans today and there was almost no food in the bar. I ask do you have anymore green beans cause there was nothing but juice in the pan and they said I will bring some out shortly. It was a long time, another person ask are there anymore mash potatoes and gravy and they got the same remark, I will bring some out shortly. There was not enough food in the bar to get your moneys worth. There was a pan in the bar that had juice and some veg. in it and should of had roast beef in it but it didn't. I kept going up to the bar waiting for the beef to be put in the pan and 45 min. later they did. I ask to speak to the manager and he came and talked to me. I had never seen him before. I ask him why is the bar so empty and he said I am not aware that it is. I said well go look for yourself and I also told him that every time I come in here the ladies bathroom smells like a septic tank. He said I don't know anything about that, well all you have to do is go to the hall way by the restrooms and you can smell it. Well I guess you would never know anything is going on if you never come out of the office. But one thing I can promise Ryans They will never have to worry about me again because me or my family will never be back.

  • I am in Waxahachi Tx. This past SAt 3/05/16 was horrible! WOrse when you speak to manager and he says nothing. NEVER again.

  • Shame on you for shutting your Des Moines, Iowa stores down they way you did with no warning to your employees.

  • i was floored at the way the manager of ryans in johnstown pa handled a employee today she was extremely rude and the guy was training im not sure how long his been training but if someone is traing i dont think a manager should talk to and tret him like that me and my familky have been going to the perticular location for years and everytime the manager carol is working all the employees have an attitude and are rude there in such a hurry that the quality of food suffers now we only go in on sunday when shes not there and we see smiling faces and great tasting food something should be done about her thank you caring customer

  • There waw 4 of us adults and 2 children gave ryans in jonsboro ark 78 dollar including 8 dollar tip in advance wish hadn't but only had debit card. The youg girl name Becky was our serveer and its not a job for her she never moved 1 used plate from table and no refill on drinks without waiting awhile after we asked they wasn't at all busy at time everytime had to get attention of her she was all into it with male worker at money counter this was worse service we ever had there and it waqs embarrassing after telling our friends that went with us how good the place waqs and driving an hour to get there

  • BEWARE RYAN'S EMPLOYEE'S: 5 ALABAMA AND FLORIDA'S RYAN'S WERE CLOSED IN THE LAST 24 HOURS WITH MORE COMING UPON THE CHOPPING BLOCK. HERE'S HOW THEY HAVE OPTED TO DO IT. They tell the store manager they are sending a clean-up crew to help clean up their restaurant for a Corp. inspection. The clean-up crew is in town and at a local hotel the night before, has rented a refrigerated truck and at the sore's premise to meet the store managers and worker's to collect store keys and turn everyone away from the job because they are emptying out the freezers and cold storage of food that can be used at other store's and they are closing that store with no warning. So all the faithful hardworking employee's that are trying to support their family's are out of a job with no warning, no severance pay, no unemployment. This is how much Corp. Ryan's values their employee's. This will happen to all of them in due time. Better get out now while you still have a chance.

  • Ryans in Dothan Al. My daughter has worked there going on three years Feb 13th. She use to work 6-7days a week three being doubles but since she reached her second trimester she only works 2 days. She told me there is another girl who works there that's pregnant as well who has two days but since she didn't have a babysitter one of those days she got knocked down to one day. I'm just curious if it's discrimination or if they are just worried for their health but when I was preg with my daughter they didn't cut my hours unless a Dr.s note was seen. Those pregnant girls need money now more than ever.. I'm sorry I'm not use to complaining but my daughter wouldn't come to corporate due she thought she might get fired.

  • My wife and I decided to eat at Ryan's steakhouse tonight and I don't know what happened but they really need to close the doors on this place, the food tasted lousy and the service was really bad. I would not recommend this place to any body. It's here in Chattanooga Tennessee,Hixson

  • The Ryan's in Bluefield VA is horrible! I went there a couple of days ago and all the hot food was cold! The server I had was really sweet and even offered to get the manager but I told her no because it looked like the manager was busy as it was, she was sitting at a table with other employees talking and laughing. You can tell she had her favorites because my waitress anytime she tried to talk to the manager she was shunned. I used to love going to Ryan's but I am not so sure about going back again. They need new management bad!

  • My friend, little girl, and I decided to eat lunch there today. What a mistake! The chicken was cold and greasy, the lettuce was frozen there were serving utensils in only some of the food, and the dining area was filthy. A lady rolled a cart out of the kitchen with salad items, and the cart had rotted pieces of something greasy hanging from the shelves, and the food that was being rolled around on this cart was not covered.. Then, my daughter and I went into the bathroom. one stall does not even have a toilet paper dispenser, much less toilet paper. The bathroom smells like raw sewerage. You can smell it by the dessert table. I told a waitress about the condition of the bathroom, and was told that it was just cleaned. Needless to say, we left. How this place is still in business is beyond me…

  • Ryan's in Asheville NC off of Brevard rd is Terrible…My family and I saw A manager yelling at the server's in the dinning room calling them names..I was so devastated with his behavior..Not to mention he was so rude and very unprofessional.I felt so bad for the server's that were working so hard..Your company needs to get rid of him Now !! We will never eat at this Ryan's again I am going to tell everyone I know Not to eat to eat at this store…Rude Manager !!!

  • My friend and I are regular customers at Ryan's in Pace , Florida. We eat there once a week. On the evening of 9-25-15. The waitress,was rude and threatening to my friend, Ann. the waitress did not wait on us when I arrived at the table. Ann was getting her dinner from the food bar while I was waiting for the waitress… she still did not come over to our table. ( the restaurant in her section was NOT busy at this time). so when my friend finally came back after waiting on her steak to be cooked plus retrieving
    her other foods the waitress had still not come to our table. so when I went to retrieve my food , I went to the manager and asked if we could we have a waitress wait on us. The waitress came to the
    table after the manager said something. At this time she became rude to my elderly friend saying we were only sitting their 3 minutes when in fact I was sitting there over 10 minutes, before my friend sat down. when I got back to the table the waitress was leaned in towards my friend being rude and threatening to her with a sarcastic mouth and attitude. The waitress was wrong in this situation at Ryan's. My days are numbered at this location in Pace , Florida. The Waitress needs to be fired with her rudeness and dis-respectfulness to loyal customers and the elderly. we were disgusted with such rudeness!!

  • You should be ashamed of yourselves to blindside the employees at your marion,il location!!!! They worked very hard to make a good business out of your incompitence!!!! For the last 12 months we custumers saw NO support to see that they had all they needed to succeed! The ice cream machine alone was as old as the ark that noah built. I dont care about the other locations are open,because if this is the type of business you run i want no part of it!!! Further more i would have to travel 35 minutes to the nearest location. The marion location was MUCH better. I took my grandmother there every friday,so we are extemely disappointed in your pathetic decision to close this store. Maybe the CEO should be the one that should be let go instead!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Aug 7, 2015

    Ryan's in Crossville, TN. Disgusting food, dishes were dirty, employees refilling the food and desserts were slopping it around like they were feeding swines – slop. Hadn't eaten there in over a year, thought since they remodeled (haha) would be better. Will NEVER go back to this one or any Ryan's. I want my money back, I had a scoop of potatoes and 5 little popcorn shrimp. I was so afraid to eat there. I wish I hadn't set down I should have walked out when I had the chance.

  • This will probably have no impact but here it goes. Ryan's in Lexington SC has gone downhill since Ovulation Corp. and the clown on Undercover Boss took over. ( I misspelled the company on purpose because the restaurant is a bloody mess). They used to offer whole pork chops, pans of pulled pork, which I loved on there rolls, boneless pork ribs to name a few. Now they offer little pots of crap portioned out with sauce that tastes awful. Lots of side dishes that is less then cafeteria food. The only thing left is there fried chicken that I can get better anywhere else. If they can keep it stocked. I've been there where the whole bar was empty and I left hungry. AT A BUFFET, SERIOUSLY! Belong to there website Crave whatever and all I get are kids night crap anymore. Free drinks for dinner, WOW WHAT A DEAL. I drink water. I'm a senior and a veteran. Can't drink sugar. Only coupons I get any more are a dollar more than they used to be. I'M NOT STUPID OR SENILE, YOU'RE DISCOUNTS ARE NOT DISCOUNTS. We are constantly getting less while paying more for it. I'VE HAD IT UP TO HERE||||||

  • South Charleston WV Ryan's has a rude and horrible manager….We were there for large birthday party in the back room and she came in yelling at the girls father and completely ruined it….never going back.

  • night shift needs to be watched yall come by nothing changed hot bar dry bathroom are mess you didnt stay long enough ryans not going to change unless you guys stay longer every night melissa young works everything a mess she doesnt watch the hot bar sometimes you can not even find her if you care about ryans then you guys got do something about it . one day isnt going to help longview,tx store whats wrong with main office heat not checked and cold bar not checked like it should be she does alot things decorating cleaning some things others dont do waitress lazy dont want to help either outside smoking night shiift needs help people badly please for god sake get off oof your butts and get something done before it to late

    • My husband & I went to Ryan's in Crossville,Tn. Worst dining experience of our lives. The
      food is disgusting. We spent the nite in the bathroom. What a waste of money. Will never go again & wl tell everyone we know not to go.

  • heard your coming to longview ,tx make sure you watch annd check night shift good help on days shift need to watch a whole week on the nights shift alot trouble there plus guy and girlfriend watch each other girl jealiuis other her live in boyfriend he cant do his job watching her and the baby thats needs to be home with her mother not in a business while watching daddy work she gets free meals while others have to pay

  • The Ryan's in Longview, Texas is not that better from all these other stores mentioned. The managers are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Half of the employees disappear and can not be found. The good employees that do their work are doing it all because the other employees disappeared on them. The bar have taken a hit s bad you see them and walk right back out the doors. Ryan's no longer takes pride in what they do anymore. The few employees that did that I know have quit because they can not deal with the B.S. anymore and quite frankly I do not blame them for walking out. Ryan's should also do drug test because most of the employees who work in Longview, Texas look like they are stoned out of their minds or they are jut zoning out and do not hear anything being said to them. Two of my favorite cooks I knew who use to work their always took pride in what they served and always made sure the bars were fresh and cleaned at all times. Because these two are no longer there I will not be going back. I have talked to other customers that have known them and they said they are not going back either, because they know the food will no longer be cooked right and the bars will be dry and old looking. Why fork over the kind of money we pay to eat on our lunch breaks or on our dinners when all we are going to get is crap. If we want crap that bad we will get it out of a trashcan. We work long hours and do not want to go home and cook so we go to Ryan's to eat but since it has gone down hill our business will go else were. We hope the two cooks we knew are better off then with Ryan's and it is sad to say I would not even want my kids or even my worst enemy working for Ryan's ever.

    • i feel same way some spend more time outside smoking when people need to be waited on people getting up waiting on thereself some waitress running people off got one girlfriend sits on his job while he working spend more time watching each other than the custmers alot times no cashier people walking out they say there open until 9pm some waitress told them there closing lost alot people there next group came in they took them because it wasnt the waitress on the cashier somebody from main office needs to spend one week there see what all going on

      How can I read multiple horrible reviews most of which were 2015 reviews and nothing is done about it. I echo all of the sentiments in everyone's comments. This was my first and last trip to this restaurant. I went today 10/6/15 at approx. 5:30 – 6pm. Without a doubt it was the most disgusting place I have ever eaten in my life and I am pushing 60. I went with my daughter and her 2 children and spent 32.22 for really nothing. I would guess that we may have consumed 1/2 of the normal consumption of 1 meal between the 4 of us. Even the drinks tasted funny. I honestly hope none of us get sick. IS THERE NOT SOMEONE MONITORING THESE REVIEWS………I have never posted anything this negative about a local place of business. RYAN'S YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. YOU NEED TO GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER OR CLOSE THE DOORS.

      What a surprise – the corporate website is nothing but complaints regarding the Ryan's all over the place….BUNCH OF CRAP

  • it is simply a shame the way Ryan's has gone downhill. Does no one in the corporate office care anymore. I was a Ryan's manager, I went to the University I graduated with a gold diploma. I was so proud o myself and to be part of such an awesome company. We went to Ryan's last night in Huntsville Alabama it was a mess managers floating around everywhere but still the bar was dry,the restaurant was dirty I glanced into the kitchen and I almost threw up. There is no excuse for store looking like this. I guess Ryan standards and changed a lot. It truly breaks my heart .you should put a task force in place to visit every Ryans restaurantssend them into evaluate report and kick ass and take names. Times are going to get hard it won't be so easyto make that dollar. Ryan's needs to get a handle on it now if they care. Thank you ex manager.

  • We in WV. had a major water crisis last year in Jan. I was always offered BOTTLED water at your restaruants when I went to eat there. This past Sunday your establishment had NO bottled water to offer . When I said I wanted bottled water with my meal (And willing to pay for it) they told me they were not going to offer it anymore. Some of us DO NOT want to drink the water still after all this time. I had to eat my meal without anything to drink, which I will not do again. I will be bringing my own bottled water since you don't and won't offer this in the future. I do not think this is good practice for your business. Other eatery's in the area still offer bottled water for sale with their meals. I would like to see you offer bottled water again for the ones that want that option. I was fully disappointed with the meal with nothing to drink. You should look into this , it would help your business. Also, when you did offer the bottled water , you charge for 2 bottles instead of one. I do not want 2 bottles with my meal , only one. I think this is a disgrace not to be able to buy just one bottle. I may just take my business elsewhere.

  • SERIOUSLY, someone needs to read ALL of the reviews. It is evident that Ryan's has serious issues that are not being addressed.
    Here in Crestview, Florida, on I-10, the quality of a dining experience is not good.
    I keep hoping that things will improve, but dishes are always dirty………………..and wet. Let's see: Water and old food on supposedly clean plates. GROSS!
    Never get a steak cooked properly and it gets thrown away.
    Many times the buffet items are empty.
    Lemons and salad items are frozen to the containers?????????????from the day before????????
    Steak cook was actually cleaning one time……..above the food cooking!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kitchen people put out food with bare hands………..
    Is any one up there minding the store???????????????
    Maybe you can send people to the Golden Corral restaurants for Real training. And maybe, compare what they offer to Ryan's. Golden Corral cooks have Great attitudes. The food is very good, high quality, always filled, hot, 3x the number of items offered.
    It don't take a scientist to figure out there are problems and they need fixing.

  • Forest City. N.C. Girl friend and I went to try have a decent meal on a Friday afternoon but there was one problem, the food bar was bare. My chick raised hell but only got stupid excuses from the lady who was playing the part of a manager, what a joke.

    We visited same Ryan's about a month prior and had a waitress with an attitude. I am about to write corporate and see what their response but it will only be a waste since I have no intentions of returning to that 1/2 ass joint they call a place to eat. It's only a matter of time tell the place will go under as the writing is on the wall.

  • Tupelo mississipp. Took my mother there for a sit down meal. We went to the area to fix our plates and it was bare. No salad no dressings and hardly any food without scraping the pans. Silverware was dirty, plates dirty, just disgusting. Will never return to that place again.

  • I just wanted to inform you of the very poor meal I had in your restaurant located in Lexington SC. They have already closed one of your restaurants here and this one is not going to be far behind.Your food really sucked the last two times I have dined in your establishment and I believe I have dined in your restaurant for the last time.Sad very sad.

  • I normally do not complain much about restaurants,but the incident that happened earlier.today at the Ryans in Alcoa,TN was something I couldn't ignore. We had paid for.our meal sat down and was eating..midway through our meal we were asked my the waitress if we would mind to move our stuff?! They had recievdd a call for 60 guests needing space,which whom DID NOT book a space. I spoke with the manager who refused to give me her name and she bobbed her head and kept saying "and what do you expect me to.do!" space had not been booked therefore those 60 guests should have had to find seats where there were available like any other guest. I just couldn't believe the managers attitude in front.of other guests and the refusal of our money back.

  • Dear sir, i am a very loyal customer of your store in Columbia,S C. I am VERY disapointed in this branch of your resturants. The manager was changed, and this resturant has gone downhill! My family LOVES Ryans. It has been a family day dinner for my family for 26 years to come and eat at Ryans . The manager you have at this store is just AWFUL!!!! He is RUDE, downright MEAN! It brings tears to my eyes that my family and i will not be going to this resturant anymore!!!!!

  • Just had the most disrespectful encounter at the Ryan's in Corinth MS! Arrived at 2:50 pm and sign said steaks are served at 3:30 pm, served not cooking starts at 3:30 pm. When we asked about getting a steak we were told we were putting pressure on the "cook". How is that when you said you serve steaks at 3:30 pm and it's 3:35?? And then the manager was RUDE when we asked for the number to corporate so that we could complain. She snatched the receipt from one of family members hand! Very unprofessional and we will not be back.

  • Elkhart indiana….
    Service was not great.
    Food not good
    Table chairs and the cap on half walls were greasy and sticky.
    For the price for seniors and 17 month old was almost 29.00. We could go some where else for a better experience.
    Will not be back

  • I have a complaint about the manager, Karen, at the Ryan's in Forest City, NC. I eat there often. She is always rude and sarcastic with customers and employees. I've heard her degrade cook staff for not being quick enough. Yet instead of helping this only employee working the bar during Sunday afternoon lunch (the Church crowd) she just follows them around and nags them. She is rude to everyone! Even when she sounds like she is trying to be nice, its in a negative way. I would really like to see something done about this problem. Yes it is a problem.

  • The Family went to the Southaven ,Ms location and it was nasty! Food all over the floor and bathrooms beyond nasty!

  • It's a manager in the Waycross office that treat his workers bad. He talk to them any type way and threaten to fire them for no reason. I seen so many good workers he done ran off. Someone really need to pay a visit to that store because it is so unorganized, and it starting with MANAGEMENT. …This been going on to long there I been there for over 4 years and have gotten no raises.. It's sad how they treat the customers and there workers.

  • This is about the Ryan's of Rome, Game. There is a sweet cashier that is pregnant and they make her run the register alone during very busy times. I, being also pregnant, know that you have to make frequent bathroom trips or you can get infections or have accidents… and your feet hurt just standing in one spot.. can they not offer her a stool to sit on when it is busy? Not only me, but many women there that night were upset about this event… Bless her heart!

  • I went to the Ryan's in Crestview Fl . I have tried to give them a chance over and over again. But this is it no more. I wish someone from corp office chould have been there. But reading the past reviews it looks like company do not care at all.The chairs was FILTHY ( Sticky), The waitress apron was VERY DIRTY.several days of soiled food on it. Childern under 10 serving them selfs TASTING food with fingers BEFORE putting food on plate.Staff watches and do not do or say anything. I went to the steak bar to get a steak .I ask for a med well steak and recieved a very RARE one .I showed it to cook he said my bad.Told me to come back later. I departed after 15 min and will not come back. I had to turn my back to the food bars so I will not see the childern playing in the food. I pray that I do NOT get sick. This was Easter Sunday@3:15 pm Thats the Crestview Florida.location CORP NEEDS TO PAY THIS RYAN'S LOCATION A VISIT SOON. OR CLOSE IT. if you care .

  • Tupelo,ms ryans is disgusting the entire staff is lazy and non-careing. 2days visit 3-11-14 staff was argueing with each other to help keep food area clean. Salad bar was bare and no qorker bothered 2 refill and this was lunch-time. this restaurant experience was highly disappointing!!!

    • The in Tupelo has been disgusting for several years now. We (a group of professionals) would have a meeting there once a month and it was awful. After a few years of eating below standard food in a filthy place we finally decided to go somewhere else. Tables, floor, bars, bathrooms (overflowed on several occasions) was nasty. And, none of us goes there personally any more. The entire staff and restaurant needs a major overhaul. The health department inspector needs to shut them down. Wonder why they've been getting their license renewed?

  • The Sylva NC manager refused to let an employee leave when his (the employee) father had been airlifted to a hospital in a coma! This was totally inexcusable!!! The father was on life support for 3 days before coming out if his coma.

  • Pensacola Ryan's on Hwy 29 don't go the manager stands at the buffet bar and yells to the kitchen personnal to bring out what is needed. So unprofessional and just plain rude. Customers are talking among themselves that he was grabbing food with his bare hands that's just nasty. Really need a new manager. Denise Lewis

  • Your Ryans store in pensacola Florida needs to be shut down they can not keep a manger the ones they do get are as rude as can be . I have seen so many good hard working people in that store fired or quit . The food is half done the service is crap i will never bring my family in there again . Thanks for nothing ryans

  • I was at the ryans in orangeburg sc. When we were in line waiting we did not get our drinks so when we paid the cashier asked us what type of drink we wanted we told her and she said the waitress would bring us our drink.the food was good. But what turned me off was when I went to use the bathroom it was in horrible conditions. The tile was loose from the walls.some tile was missing.. The water was running sinks clogged, tiolets were nasty , no handles to turn off water. I haver been in a bathroom thas was so nasty I will never visit that restaraunt again. The bathroom needs a renovation BAD.I saw the ceo on undercover boss friday jan.24, 2014 he should have came to orangeburg south carolina.

  • The white female manager at the chattanooga hixson location was asleep in the back room. I took a picture if her but have no where to attach it. How is this possible? The girls and other managers are working hard to keep this location open. BUT THIS LAZY GIRL NEEDS TO BE FIRED!!!!

  • New year's eve, we went to Ryans for a nice sit down breadfast experience. The time was 7:45 am and they open at 7:30am. The sign was so inviting when lit in red saying OPEN. We parked and went in the first door. We tried the second door and it was LOCKED. We ended up going to IHOP for our sit down breakfast. Very disappointed in Ryans. I will repost this on Facebook.

  • I just heard from a friend that works at one of your Ryan's restaurants that you are going to be open on Christmas Day. I think this is so wrong! Even Walmart closes on Christmas Day!
    I watched your show on uncover boss. You were so concerned about your workers. Think that was a line of bull! The regular workers work for not much money. Pay for their meals while working. Now open on Christmas! Really!
    The least you could do is pay them time and a half for that day! Since you don't give bonuses or holiday gifts out! If you don't want to do that close one day a year!
    For shame on your company!

    Thank you,
    A concerned consumer
    Now not a chance to get my money!

  • Pensacola Manager offers an employee a side job inside the restaurant (assuming he's paying out of pocket), He offers a certain amount of money about a month ago, the employee does the job the next day the job is offered. Employee only gets paid not even a third of the amount offered a week later and another third 2 weeks after that. By this time he has an attitude about paying the rest. He makes a smart comment about he should have hired cheaper labor and doesn't want to even finish paying. He's the one that offered that amount of money upfront in the first place. Who should I call? That employee was so pissed about the comments that were made to him plus other wrong doings going on, he's about to call corporate or Labor Board plus……..

  • Will be calling the Labor board on those Pensacola punks for stealing hours and not treating employers correctly. Management sucks! Fix it!

  • Ryan's in crossville,tn.I got a phone call from Ryan's and the lady on the other said someone from my number had called the day before and placed an order.I told her she did not receive it from my number and she continued to argue with me that they did and my number was on their caller id.Then she said the last was Watson and again I told her it was not from my number and told her our last name which wad not watson so she hung up on me.I called back and asked to speak to manager.When the manager finally got on the phone it was the same lady that had hung up on me.I told her I didn't appreciate getting hung up on because she made a mistake and then she back tracked and said it was the number that was wrote down(not on the id).I told her again she should not have hung up on me for her mistake so she hung up on me again!Not very pleased with their crappy management.

  • My family was out at Ryan's in Dothan,Alabama the other day, enjoying our meal, when out of nowhere there was one of your managers yelling and cussing at a young man in the front lobby. apparently the man made a comment about another person in the restaurant and (Heather) the manager didn't like what he said. As a manager she didn't handle the problem well at all. and to be cussing in the restaurant for everyone to hear wasn't professional. I was shocked to see a manager act the way she did.


  • This is about Ryan's in Crestview Florida. To began with I'm sorry for feeling the need to do this. Normally I just let it go. I'm on your mailing list and I am one of your seniors for about five years. I get emails telling me that you're having butterfly shrimp or tonight it was baby back rib's, every time they hardly put any out for us to eat, tonight my wife and I got four ribs a piece and I had to wait for them and there were only that many left in the pan, I went back in about ten min and there were no ribs ready. I waited a while, then where the rib's were they had beans, I asked for the rib's, I was told it would take seven more min, I waited, no rib's. The manager came and told me it was going to take longer and pointed to a table and told me to sit there until they came out. I went back and sat down with my wife and she told me you said they probably would be out of rib's by the time we got there. Well the time before it was butterfly shrimp, I got there at two pm and they were already out, I went ahead and ate and left without saying anything like I have in the past. Sorry I get tired of being lied to and waste my time going thinking I'm going to get something and leave disappointed every time. James Terrell, 195 Virginia street, Crestview Fl 32539

  • I couldn't put my name in the last comment I questioned about my money that is still owed out to me by your company old country steals customers money but it is Tameka Mckinzie I've called your corporate plenty of times and no solid answer yet

  • All i want to say is I want my money back that you have not returned to me since February 7,2013 and its taken that long for you to respond back to me rip offs hungry for other peoples cash not a good look for old country buffet it should be called old country rip off

  • That's real sad there workers are crappy here to in Kalamazoo,MI and the sad part about their so called district managers are in their while all this is going on no wonder old country buffet filed foe bankruptcy and they steal customers money and act like they gave it back and go through and screen what they post for their complaints

    • I just went there with my bowling team and I'm only in high school I'm sueing for a health violation serving me raw steak that was no type of rare

  • refusing service to 100 military men gettng ready to deploy is a disgrace. nonsense that your corporation no longer go to army for payment. you should be ashamed at the way your workers treated these men. my family and i will never use your business ever again.

    • Our Springfield,Missouri Ryan's Restaurant advertised a free meal to veterans on November 11th (Veteran's Day) and then when my husband drove all the way up there, they denied him at the door saying, "We don't do anything like that". You damn right you don't and we won't give you our business anymore either. WHAT A SHAMEFUL ACT OF DISRESPECT!

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