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  • Ryan’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Ryan’s Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Ryan’s Buffet Corporate Office Headquarters

1020 Discovery Rd., Ste. 100
Eagan, MN 55121 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-651-994-8608
Fax Number: 1-651-365-2356
Customer Service Number: 1-800-871-0956


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  1. I've been eating at Ryans in Commerce Ga.for over 5 years and I have always got a double discount on Sunday,Veteran and senior,this last Sunday this new Manager if you want to call him that said they didn't do that any more,their food is not worth almost 29 dollars.

  2. I had a meal today at Ryan's in Union City, TN. One of the main reasons I go to Ryan's is for the crab salad. I was more than disappointed to discover that you switched the traditional crab salad with a noddle crab salad. The taste was soooo bad I could not eat it. Please go back to the traditional salad we all love!

  3. I must say I had a busy, and great Sunday working at Ryans in North Augusta, SC sunday, regular customers from peach orchard road . UNTILL a dmanager name Mark, at the end of the night insult me, and said some horrible things, to me, is this how you train a manager to call the employees , names. His behavior was the most out rate I have every seen. I have been with Ryans off and on for about 8 or 9 years. I help close peach orchard road, I have ethic and moral. I would never or never have seen a manager (upper manager ) be so out rate. I went to a class in Greenville to train for management back in the early 80 or maybe 90's and the first thing they taught was how to respect your customers but also the employees. I have work with some A-managers but I learned from them because they sat you down and talk to you, this MARK do not need to hold a position of such high nature and talk or speak to a employee that way. I have called your coporate office if there is one, but do not look for a phone call back. When you say to someone face, that you are 'sour-pus' that's calling some one a (ASS). How sorry a person you are, thank GOD I'am a humble person, because your words did not hurt but your lack and ability to speak in a tone of professionalism and ethics shows this person needs to be re-train. YES you sent me home, which was fine, but not once did you 'EVER' have a complaint on me, I handles two parties of 20, 12-15 and a nine and cleaned up without any help. If that is sorry, I do not think he knows what it is. I look forward to a responds and a apologies. I also would like to hear from a corporate manager or owner about what just happen in the North Augusta, Store. I'm 58 and fix and love people. I'm also the office manager at a top tax office here in Augusta, Ga. the only time I work at Ryans is part time. 2 complaints in the years I have been there and that's because I would not give them something 'free' so they made up something. I'm also old school service is my main concern not a lot of chatter unless I have a senior who needs to talk and I will listen. Hopefully someone will get in touch with me or my manager in North Augusta, and lets deal with this problem.

  4. April 29,2016 Ryans in Clarksburg, WV My family went to Ryans today and there was almost no food in the bar. I ask do you have anymore green beans cause there was nothing but juice in the pan and they said I will bring some out shortly. It was a long time, another person ask are there anymore mash potatoes and gravy and they got the same remark, I will bring some out shortly. There was not enough food in the bar to get your moneys worth. There was a pan in the bar that had juice and some veg. in it and should of had roast beef in it but it didn't. I kept going up to the bar waiting for the beef to be put in the pan and 45 min. later they did. I ask to speak to the manager and he came and talked to me. I had never seen him before. I ask him why is the bar so empty and he said I am not aware that it is. I said well go look for yourself and I also told him that every time I come in here the ladies bathroom smells like a septic tank. He said I don't know anything about that, well all you have to do is go to the hall way by the restrooms and you can smell it. Well I guess you would never know anything is going on if you never come out of the office. But one thing I can promise Ryans They will never have to worry about me again because me or my family will never be back.

  5. I am in Waxahachi Tx. This past SAt 3/05/16 was horrible! WOrse when you speak to manager and he says nothing. NEVER again.

  6. Shame on you for shutting your Des Moines, Iowa stores down they way you did with no warning to your employees.

  7. i was floored at the way the manager of ryans in johnstown pa handled a employee today she was extremely rude and the guy was training im not sure how long his been training but if someone is traing i dont think a manager should talk to and tret him like that me and my familky have been going to the perticular location for years and everytime the manager carol is working all the employees have an attitude and are rude there in such a hurry that the quality of food suffers now we only go in on sunday when shes not there and we see smiling faces and great tasting food something should be done about her thank you caring customer

  8. There waw 4 of us adults and 2 children gave ryans in jonsboro ark 78 dollar including 8 dollar tip in advance wish hadn't but only had debit card. The youg girl name Becky was our serveer and its not a job for her she never moved 1 used plate from table and no refill on drinks without waiting awhile after we asked they wasn't at all busy at time everytime had to get attention of her she was all into it with male worker at money counter this was worse service we ever had there and it waqs embarrassing after telling our friends that went with us how good the place waqs and driving an hour to get there

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