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  • San Diego Chargers Corporate Office Headquarters

San Diego Chargers Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact San Diego Chargers Corporate Office Headquarters

Chargers Football Company, LLC
4020 Murphy Canyon Rd.
San Diego, CA 92123
Corporate Phone Number: 1-858-874-4500
Fax: 858-292-2760
Email: Online Only
Season Ticket Information: 619-280-2121
Single-game Ticket Information: 1-800-745-3000

  • Mr. Spanos
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  • Hi,

    Embarrassing loss to Miami Dolphins, but even great teams occasionally lose big time.


    I think you guys were had!

    True, the competition lately has been much better than earlier in the season and injuries are really hurting your team., but . . . .

    There's huge money in sports betting and some of the bad guys are of the "lead or silver" variety. So ,maybe you'd better do some serious investigation beyond plays that didn't work. I'm guessing that you have not done that.

    The motives to cheat are: greed (think bribe), fear (think extortion), revenge (rightly or wrongly, some player(s) or employee(s) thinks you done 'em wrong and they're gonna get even), unchecked urge to win without any sense of ethics (think Belichick) . . . and . . . fill in your own.

    1. Did someone sell or reveal your playbook? How would you know?
    2. Did some player(s) take a bribe or give into extortion to throw the game? How would you know?
    3. Did someone pull a "Belichick" on you? How would you know?
    4. Did someone figure out your signals and/or cadences (as was suggested by some Seahawks vs Broncos in last year's Super Bowl?) How would you know?
    5. Was your team's food or drinks drugged during your stay in Miami or during the game? How would you know? How about your team's oxygen along the bench — was it tampered with? How would you know?
    6. Are some of your players hanging out with gangstas and doing them favors for fear or friendship? How would you know?

    You know your organization better than anyone. Was it the water boy? a trainer? the equipment manager? key players? a coach? a manager? Some spy across the field with a big parabolic microphone or some really great binoculars? How would you know?

    You might want to hire a security service that routinely checks for these kinds of things for every game!

    If you are not at the same level of security as a Las Vegas casino, you are vulnerable!

    Don't be the sucker in the game!!

    Sad to say, most people in the game are unsuspecting of foul play and might not even be looking for it. Your head coach is rather young. Do you really think he's thought of all of this and checked on it? He's still going up the learning curve and does not have the experience of a 55 year old coach!

    I am sure the Chargers, banged up as they are, should still be able to play far above the 0.500 level, but if you don't figure it out, that's where you're gonna wind up.

    The favor of a reply would be appreciated!

    Chargers fan since 1978

    PS — You ever want a running game again with the backs you got, find the next Lorenzo Neal!!

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