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Sprint Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Sprint Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Sprint Corp


6200 Sprint Parkway

Overland Park, KS 66251

Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-433-4000

Corporate Fax Number: n/a

Corporate Email: info@sprint.com

Stock Symbol: S

Sprint Nextel is famous for communication services. Sprint’s products include wireless voice and data, broadband internet, video, and data, and long distance phone service. Sprint is one of the premier wireless providers for smart phones in the US. Sprint Nextel’s main competitors are Verizon, and T-Mobile and AT&T.

Sprint’s toll-free customer service number is 1-800-777-4681 for wireless services. For Long Distance customer service the number is 1-800-877-4646 and for Sprint Broadband Internet the number is 1-888-996-001. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.


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  1. I have been with Sprint for seven years. As a "valued" customer trying to get an extension on my payment arrangement, they hung up on me. Sprint loses my business as soon as I find which carrier is better to go to.

  2. Just switched to sprint for the main purpose of saving money they told me I would get one plan that would save me around $80 turned out the store rep had me on a plan that would cost same as my former carrier called and after 2hrs.they finally got me a plan that was cheaper but no way as cheap as promised. Really wondering if this was a good move. Already having signal issues LTE not as good as 4G

  3. In tears, I prayed to god today!!! Asking for help in resolving what's been done wrong here. And after reading all comments left above. I realize This is Sprint. I believe all that has been said. Due to I also have been treated so rudely and wrongly. There is no where to make complaints and no one is there to help you. I only wish at this point that the CEO would do his job and take a stand for its customers and re-evaluate its entire staff. Because its really hard to believe any company what so ever would out right steal, lie and put any human being through what this company does. This company is nothing more than dishonest, rude, and bottom line Evil and Greedy. Not for the people what so ever. I've learned a big lesson here. And its sad to say this is actually the way the world is today. And makes me ashamed of the human race. At least the owners and CEO whom you can not get InTouch with… are eating very well along with their family's. But In my opinion are the lowest peoples of this earth besides the devil himself. Enough said.

  4. Just curious whom out there is interested in taking these situations to FOX news? I for one will be for sure on there. If any of you would like to join email me at Charlieeeet@gmail.com They also have breached contract with me so this enables me to sue. would love to share your story's as well.

  5. I don't quite know where to do to leave a vast compliment for good service above and beyond to GBenga O. at the Sprint Duluth office (882). I wanted to transfer date from an old Iphone4 to a new LG Tribute and needless to say there were some problems doing so. After three tries, we were ready to throw in the towel. But GBenga O. would not and actually got one of the techs to come out, who successfully transferred all my data! He just kept trying until the outcome was a success and did so with a smile and good humor. I'm not sure if this is the place to leave this review, but I really hope so. Thanks.

  6. Sprint it by far the worst carrier of all of them….

    Do NOT be fooled by their marketing tactics to get you to switch carriers. In the long run you will pay MORE at Sprint that any other carrier, learn from me and my experience.

    Yes, I was lured in under a bate and switch statement when they promised me $400 (payment of my Version account) to switch over. First off the $400 was payable up to 4-6 months afterwards and no commitment that it would be accepted, this after you signed you life away on the contract. Conveniently our request for $400 reimbursement was lost at Sprint without any contact from Sprint hoping we'd forget about it after the 6 month "processing" window. First, warning signs if a "technology" carrier takes 4-6 months to process a payment. Not sure if still use stone block and chisel within the Sprint finance department, but assume that's about the pace of business there. Second, I had to spend countless hours in the store and on the phone to get this resolved and credited. Thankfully I kept copies of EVERYTHING I sent to Spring otherwise I would not have been reimbursed. Third, they only credited me a fraction of the $400 that this store location said they would.

    Do you like confusing, wordy contracts with sales agents that can't interpret them. Don't just sign on the dotted line. Read the fine print and you'll realize sprint is NOT cheaper, but way more expensive for a much worse network. We spend about $40 less per month now with Verizon than we did with Sprint, get more data, and will own our phones at the end… yes own the phone! With sprint you lease and can purchase the phone at the end for $200 each. We'll with Verizon we own the phone and the cost of the lease is the same. Again, read the fine print, because the store agent specifically told us we OWN the phone at the end of the contract.

    The network…. let's just say don't dare step one foot out side of a city with a population of under 50,000 people. if you POOF, your connection is completely lost. Do you like Pandora in your car, well hopefully you stay well within the boundaries of a city because you will lose your connection all the time. Was in Upper Michigan at NMU and Michigan Tech, hopefully you never have car trouble or get lost, no GPS, no calling, no data, nothing; your phone is a good paper weight here cause nothing will work that needs to be connected to a satellite. Verizon on the other hand, love the vast network that is everywhere I go.

    So I finally closed the account once our contract was expired, we had a part and celebrated that we could finally go back to Verizon. Unfortunately Sprint likes to toy with you months afterwards. First, trying to return the phones. THIS store would not accept the phones back. What! they wanted us to return them through the god awful phone line system they have. OMG this is by far the worst experience I have ever had in my LIFE. Long story short I've had about 15 phone conversations and been to 3 different Sprint stores to return my phone and they would only take them if they sent me a "return kit" through the mail. I waited months for this return kit call Sprint frequently for where the heck it was with nobody knowing. I then get a notice that they are taking this to collections because I haven't paid for the phones I've been trying to return for months.

    This was a WORST customer service experience I've ever had that resulted in too much unnecessary stress in my life. If I can convince just a few of you to avoid this carrier I've done my job.

  7. I have never been treated so poorly as I have with Sprint. The customer service is atrocious and I get the same "party line" every time I call, and of course I am on hold for sometimes hours. The same thing happens when I go into a store, I am told that they cannot handle my request at the store and I need to call, then when I call I am transferred to numerous people with no resolution. I needed to cancel my service as the company I work for said they would not pay for my bill unless I switched to Verizon. I called Sprint to cancel and they said once I sent my Phone back they would charge just $49.99. I sent in the phone in perfect working order, and I got charged a few weeks ago $356.92 out of my bank account. I have called numerous times about this and as I am writing this I have been on the phone or on hold for 45 minutes. Now she has told me that I still needed to pay money for each month since my contract was not up until February 2017. I was never told this before. I asked them to go back and check the records and they have refused to do this. Every person I talk to has a different amount I owe, and a different date that they say I called. They also say they have no record of some of my calls. I never would have changed until my contract was up if I would have known that they would charge me more. The email I got today said that if I did not pay they would send me to collection. I am really appalled at the treatment I have received. I have even had customer service reps raise their voice with me and argue with me. really? What ever happened to the edict "The customer is always right?" They say that word of mouth is the best advertising, and I am certain my word off mouth will convince people NEVER to switch to Sprint. Take and example from a great company like Southwest Airlines and real truly practice the art of customer service.

  8. Really! Is this what we get for BEING WITH YOU GUYS FOR 15 YEARS. You guys are extremely rude. We have been so nice to you and you guys treat us like this. Your service is horrible and the internet works slower than a snail. It freezes 24/7 and the employees care less. When I told them I would leave them and go to A BETTER service all they said was "Sure ma'am. Go ahead. Do as you wish." HOW UNPROFESSIONAL! VERY DISSAPOINTED WITH THE SERVICE AND PRODUCT! Being a loyal customers get no perks but everything is for the new customer. Previously you guys provided free upgrades every 2 years and now you shows attitude when we ask you for the upgrade as a loyalty reward. Very soon we will be with a BETTER service and leave You!


    MUST READ!!!!

    If you have been with Sprint for a long time, you might have a 2 year renewable contract, with free or reduced upgrades every 2 years. Well, those upgrades and the 2 year renewable contract are not offered at any store not even at Sprint. You only get to lease the phone and pay two to three times what you would if you extended your contract 2 years. The only way to get your phone with the 2 year contract is online.

    Do you like deserve paying 2 to 3 times of what you get with your 2 year renewable contract as a loyal Sprint customer? Of course not. This is how SPRINT IS ROBBING THEIR CUSTOMERS with millions of dollars. They over charge their customers.

    Please share.

  10. I cannot believe the pitiful customer service you have. I ask them for one thing and they try to do another.
    I was told last week that all three of our phones we’re eligible for upgrade.
    While speaking with the rep. she said” I phone 5s was free, and no increase in my monthly bill.
    I called back today and for another 4 ½ hours with them and the story changed again.
    Guess you do not need customer’s.
    I am very disappointed in in your customer service, they are rude and can not speak very good English.
    We have been with sprint for almost 15 year’s and this type of treatment is uncalled for.

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