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Sprint Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Sprint Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Sprint Corp


6200 Sprint Parkway

Overland Park, KS 66251

Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-433-4000

Corporate Fax Number: n/a

Corporate Email: info@sprint.com

Stock Symbol: S

Sprint Nextel is famous for communication services. Sprint’s products include wireless voice and data, broadband internet, video, and data, and long distance phone service. Sprint is one of the premier wireless providers for smart phones in the US. Sprint Nextel’s main competitors are Verizon, and T-Mobile and AT&T.

Sprint’s toll-free customer service number is 1-800-777-4681 for wireless services. For Long Distance customer service the number is 1-800-877-4646 and for Sprint Broadband Internet the number is 1-888-996-001. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.


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  1. I'm in the process of switching over to Verizon because myself and my entire family is fed up with Sprint. About a year ago we had to got to the sprint store four different times, two of which screwed up the phones even more. They ended up charging us for an extra phone then proceeded to make us be the ones to pay for it. Now, their system is saying we all have iPhone 8's and nobody in the customer service and tell their feet apart so obviously they have no clue how to help. I'm beyond sick of Sprint, and a lot of people I talk to have had bad experiences as well. At least I'll be switching to Verizon soon.

  2. Sprint is by far the worst cellular company I have dealt with the representatives are rude and they act as if they can not help you. I think the issue is they don't want to do their job. As soon as my contract is up I will leave Sprint and never return.As stated in the previous comments the mangers do not help so you are wasting your time if you as to speak to them.

  3. Customer service was supposed to send me a email twice yesterday 05-31-17, everyone can guess the punch line, they never did. Don't know why I was surprised. Have a serious issue but no one cares.

    Robert Oliver
    Tularosa, Nm

  4. I will keep this as brief as possible but would like to give you more details.
    Sprint is charging taxes on a phone for the full price of a phone even when you don't pay that amount. They are charging me $52.65 for taxes on a phone that I am paying 200.00 for?!?!? Then they couldn't even give me the tax percent etc I had to speak w/ at least 3 people. They say they will give me a service credit back but I had to front the money for the taxes on the phone. I told them that's the oldest scam in the book and I am not sure how they get away with it from IRS or FCC. They make your bill so confusing as it is. I told them I would rather pay the 8.1 nevada sales tax rate on the 200.00 plus shipping and they can work out the accounting on there end that I didn't trust or want and don't feel comfortable fronting the money then waiting for a "service credit" it shouldn't even be a service credit it should be a tax refund since I didn't pay 650.00 for the device i shouldn't pay tax on that amount only on what was sold to me. Not to mention the switch and bait game they constantly play and tried to do again today when I did my upgrade but more details when you call me. I spoke w/ Blake Miller and a supervisor named Michael. they said you could pull the call. I had the call start around 2:45 pm today 05/08 It ended about 4pm. Order # ORTRTM827391176
    They wouldn't let me bill it to my Sprint account which is in good standing w/ a credit on it. They made me put the money out first and pay before They would send me the agreement to look over. That seems fishy too?!?! I have 3 days to cxl and get a refund but why not let me read it first in case something is wrong? I then tried to print out the agreement after paying and signing and sprint sent a message that said "We've hit a speed bump" and I couldn't even print the agreement I signed.

  5. i went to Sprint Store 0413 Fairview Heights Illinois on Tuesday April 25 at 10:00 am. As I was waiting in the parking lot for the store to open a UPS driver pulls up with a shipment for the Sprint store. The employees open the door he goes and returns with a load he is taking out. He loads the boxes on the truck and pulls away not realizing one of the boxes fell off his cart. He proceeds to drive away running over this box. I jump out of my car and try to get him to come back but with the loud truck he is gone. I grab the broken box and out falls phones everywhere. I proceed to pick these phones up and put them back in the box as good as I could and knock on the door. They answered but werent happy because it wasnt time to open. I proceed to ask for the manager and tell them what had happened. She wasnt friendly at all. I was like man I didnt have to do any of what I just did. Let them lay in the road and get run over and Sprint would be out of so much money. But the good person I am I turned them in. I bet there were at least twenty phones or more in this box. Iphones at that. Then they proceed to tell me they still dont open for 5 minutes. WOW Im locked out again. I wait the five minutes and then go into the store. The girl with intials JP waited on me and was having trouble with my account. As shes trying to fix it shes texting someone on her phone which to me was very rude. Finally after almost two hours I was out the door. I went back to my car and saw another phone that was laying on the ground odviosly from the box I pick it up and proceed back in the store and find the manager. She takes the phone from me and says I wish I could do something for you but I cant. I say when I come back in give me a discount on an otter box. I just broke my screen thats what I was there for and when I pick it up I need an otterbox. She says I cant do that we arent allowed. Maybe KARMA will catch up with you for doing a good thing. REALLY SPRINT Ive been a customer since 2009 I do a good deed and save you tons of money and this is how I get treated KARMA. I dont feel the manager was friendly at all the girl that waited on me was texting the whole time. Im sorry but not good customer service at all 🙁

  6. If anyone is planning on Sprint for cell phone service, you need to think again. They say Sprint is as good as Verizon for coverage…….that's a lie. We went to Show Low, AZ and no Sprint anything. No Sprint store and you get a notice on your phone saying roaming. We converted to Verizon and on the same day of transfer I spent 40 minutes trying to get my account number. I finally won. Customer Care also claimed our service would be disconnected that day… another lie. I asked about roaming charges, she never answered the question.They are nasty and unprofessional to deal with, period. Their service is crap once you leave the big cities. After being home for a week, checked the phone and the service was still active. Went to Sprint office here in Tucson and the agent says things contrary to what Customer Care said. The representative did validate that the service was still active They have no problem lying to people regarding their service. The agent at the store in Tucson says roaming charges only apply to international calls.

  7. I and extremely upset and dissatisfied with the NEW OUTSOURCED Sprint customer service. After 18 representatives 3 supervisors and 1 play manager, I am exactly where I started off at, frustrated, exhausted and ready to take my business elsewhere. I tried calling cooperate, I emailed Dan@sprint which apparently no longer exist. John Bataligia who doesn't respond to emails, The new executive present Marcello whoever doesn't even accept emails. Sprint sucks now that they have nearly closed down all their corporate call centers who know how to handle an issue and traded good issue resolved customer service for outsourced agents who don't listen, can barely speak to where they can be understood, and cant resolve simple issues. My Samsung g3 stopped working on New Years Eve, they sent me to a service and repair 30 minutes from my home, the phone could not be repaired, and they advised me that I would have to wait 7 days to get a replacement. It was New Years Eve for petes sake, I end up buying a new phone at full retail price and when I called customer service and actually spoke to the first rep who happened to be in the US she righted a wrong by stating she would let me out of the installment payment, send me a return kit for the old paper weight that stopped working and that my eligibility would be reset. Well I did everything I was supposed to do and buy the time I got my bill for March the phone was still being charged to me twice which started a very long and annoying spiral down hill with 17 other reps in the Phillipians. I have been hung up on, lied to, promised call backs none of which every happen. I have had to repeat myself over a hundred times and the agents still don't understand whats going on, they keep saying they see the notes but why they have not honored them I have not dame clue, I have even dealt with reps repeating things that had nothing to do with the reason for my call. I give up if I am already paying a $180 bill for two phones and they want me to continue to pay for a phone I no longer have along with a late fee due to this issue for not paying the portion of the phone that I shouldn't owe! When we were an American based corporate company our customers were treated with world class customer service and a escalation was considered a customer calling back a 2nd time with the same issue not 18 times! My sons going to cry when I cancel his high dollar I phone and not pay for the early termination fee ,but he will get over it because we will be rid or a really poor low life company that over charges their members and really doesn't take care of its customer's.

  8. Drew
    I am an Att customer. I wanted to change my 5 lines to sprint. I expected to take some time, but what they have done is totally unacceptable. After going thru credit on the phone I was told to go to a store and verify who I am. After being interrogated for a third time I was given computer generated questions to verify who I am. In my earlier phone conversation with credit, I was told all I need was two forms of id. Anyway, I failed there test with no explanation as to what questions I missed. If I had been turned down for actual credit problems, my problem. Wasted 5 hours for nothing. While I was in line at the store there were 2 people canceling there service. Maybe I am lucky not getting the service. I will see if T-Mobil wants my business.

  9. Oh sprint. How horrible you are…
    I have been a customer for almost 15 years, Never even paid a bill late. And this is how you treat a “valuable customer”?
    My husband called them 3 months ago to order a phone and add a line to my plan. They sent the phone to a wrong address. Hours of calls that week between sprint and UPS and we never received the phone and it was sent back to Sprint. Sprint then resent to the right address and we set up the 2nd line in the store after receiving the phone and thought everything was done. NOPE. Imagine my surprise when I got a bill for almost $1000! After hours of calls that weekend, found out that we were being charged for the phone we never received. I was told it would take 48 hours to amend, and my payment due date was extended to allow time for the charge to come off. 3,4,5 days later, still not fixed. Called again. Told again it would take 3 days. Again, not fixed. Called again. Same story. Last weekend, spent 3 hours on sunday afternoon with them between departments. Order dept finally said the warehouse “overlooked” this return. Yeah, sure they did. A case was set up and I was told it would be fixed by today. Well, guess who was on the phone with sprint for another hour this morning? Now I am being told it will be reflected in my next bill in 2 weeks from now. I highly doubt it.
    And the kicker??? They are also charging me late fees!!! HAHAHAHAHA, I would rather pay a lawyer $500 to fight that than to give sprint $47 for late fees because I cant pay my bill due to THEIR error.
    I am also filing a complain with the BBB, and already contacted my local NBC news affiliate in NYC who handled consumer reports. If this isn’t fixed, I’m sure she can fix it and it will be aired to the 8 million folks here in NYC
    Sloppy. Inept. Idiotic. Those are 3 words I use to describe their “customer service”.
    Literally I have logged HOURS with them. Valuable weekend hours I can spend with my daughter instead of with Sprint. Seriously, they should be embarrassed.

  10. I was lied to when I signed up for service. I was told my bill would be about 90 dollars a month, plus taxes. When I get my first bill, it is charging me 5 dollars per line, (2), extra because I didn't sign up for auto pay. THEN I am being charged a 7.99 fee for "Spending limit", which will disappear ONLY if I sign up for the auto pay. They claim it's not a double charge, but when the ONLY way to eliminate the fee is to enroll in auto pay, it's an OBVIOUS double charge, and a way to extort money from the consumer. I also am not getting 4G service, I only get 3G, and in some areas, no data service at all. Had I known about the extras, I never would have signed up with Sprint in the first place. When I asked about cancelling the service, (within the 14 day period), I was told I would have to pay a 35 dollar restock fee for each phone, plus service. THEN they claimed that I didn't pay anything down, (almost 100 dollars for sign up), then changed it to 28 dollars paid. Talking to corporate offices is ridiculous, because they refuse to admit that they are stealing from consumers. STILL waiting for ANOTHER representative from corporate to call back.

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