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TeleCheck Corporate Office Headquarters

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TeleCheck Corporate Office Headquarters
5251 Westheimer, Ste. 1000
Houston, TX 77056 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-713-331-7700
Fax Number: 1-713-331-7740
Customer Service Number: 1-800-710-9898

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Went to H&R Block to do my Taxes. Tried paying by check but was denied by Telecheck. I tried calling the number 800-366-5010, but found out they are a 3rd party customer service company. They also gave me a code #3, which can many several things. I asked which one applied to me and they could not give me an answer. I asked to speak to an actual Telecheck employee and was told straight out "no you cannot". Ther was plenty of money in my account and I talked with my bank and they said my account was fine. These people denied you for no reason at all. Why are they allowed to stay in business ?

30 years with BofA and lost check book was issued new checks and were declined by your slime ball company someone should put you out of business. going to try and find a bank that never heard of you. not sincerely yours

Inept, unfair, uninformed. They claim to be a teck company and there is nothing further from the truth. These people work for the merchants only so I would suggest not using merchants who use telechek unless you want to be embarrassed and held up.

my check payment (through amazon) was denied as well…amazon said this seldom/never happens. i've been a customer for several years. i spoke with mannie (at telecheck), then Julio (supervisor)…giving me ambiguous reason why i was declined. i then asked to speak to Julio's boss…he abruptly put me on hold (not even a 'one moment please)….after couple of minutes, a woman picked up and said ????? (unintelligible) 3-4 words and hung up on me!!! i see why telecheck has such a horrid reputation…how do they get away with this crap???

There should be a Federal Statute requiring companies dealing with approval/disapproval of credit cards, checks or any other means for conducting financial transactions to have listed, full time, publicly accessible, telephone numbers answered directly by knowledgeable, intelligent, and responsive, live people, after no more than one minute of preliminary answer(s) by electronic idiots !!!

This is the most un-proffesional,exasperating,un-touchable corperation I have had the dis pleasure of dealing with. They are inept,electronic-hoops to the point of hate.No one should be treated this way. I have dealt with Goverment agencys that are more responsive.I spoke to Nia Drake who forwarded me to Shawn Tillman who gave me a number that did not work. Called back spoke to Sandra Tucker who gave another number that did not work. I was informed by all the people that they had NO bad report on me whatsoever.Do not shop at stores that use tele-chek

These people are SLIME! I tried to make good on a check my kid wrote and they are worse than the people the harass! Go ahead, HELL aint half full yet you dirty #$%^&.

You denied a check written by me because there had been a lot of activity on my account, not becauae of account balance or past insufficient funds. I find this to be completely unfair not to mention that it caused me a lot of embarrasement at the grocery store.

This happened to me today! A store that I have been doing my groceries for over 15 years!! Of course, when I called the toll free number, I was speaking to someone in the PHILLIPINES!!! I cant express my the anger, embarrassment I had to endure today. I was give a "code 3".. I have no history of bad checks, it was said to me that I do not write enough checks.. hello? In this day and age with credit card, debit cards, etc.. I dont write the amount of checks I used to, but I still write them. I will not let this go and plan to contact Telecheck corp office and the corporate office of Stop and Shop and Kmart to let them know this company is unfair!!!!!

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