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Thompson Creek Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. The contractors I had previously used for my severely leaking box window on my townhouse KNEW exactly what the problem was, charging me hundreds. It still leaked after their “fix”. In desperation I contacted Thompson Creek. They initially said I needed a new bay window but then said just a new window and leak repair/fix would correct problem. The inside repair work was going to be fine tuned accordingly. Hurricane Ian hit and new window/repair work still leaked after almost $5,000 paid to them. I called back and was told my gutters were the problem. i had those “cleaned” (man said they were not clogged). Window still leaks. I called Thompson Creek. No one has called back and follow up touchup work never happened. Aren’t you ashamed? I am a single retired woman who paid you in full in good faith. I experienced a “hit and run” by your company. I probably didn’t even NEED your $5,000 (almost) window. Humiliated and disgusted.

  2. Unlike the other people posting I can say I have bought the windows made by your company. They were also installed by your company. The windows are beautiful. They are functional. The crew that installed them are very professional and listened to our concerns and came back and quickly took care of the single problem we had where some wood trim was damaged during the installation. They also sold us a new front door that is handicapped accessible. Thompson Creek Windows has an excellent warranty on their products. I judge a company by the people they employ and the quality of the product they produce. Thompson Creek Windows gets an A+ from me on both accounts.

  3. You have the freedom to advertise with whom ever you please. Thankfully, I have the right to buy from whom ever I please. That will not be you. I assume you made your decision based on your stockholder's interest. If that proves to be a bad decision, you have only yourselves to blame. If it works out to your betterment then good for you. If any of you attempt to come back, I hope he does not accept you as advertisers. BTW, as a student of the EIB Institute for Advanced Learning…shouldn't I be entitled to free stuff from you advertisers? Some of your products, "as you know, can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school."

  4. Although what Rush said was wrong, he apologized. But if Thompson Creek can't forgive him and continue advertising, then I will wait for them to do so before I buy your product again. And I will encourage all I know, to do the same.

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