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  1. I purchased my Toshiba in February 2016 and by the end of the year, just before the warranty ran out, the keyboard quit working. Office Depot honored the warranty and replaced our keyboard, with very little support from Toshiba. Now here it is, August of 2018 and the keyboard quit working again. I now can get into my laptop by having an external keyboard and an external mouse, thus turning my laptop pretty much into a monitor. Don't ever purchase a Toshiba laptop. They really don't give a rip about customer service. Never again will I buy anything from Toshiba.

  2. What a nightmare experience with Toshiba! I bought a Toshiba laptop November 20th, 2015. It worked fine until May 10th when it started randomly shutting down and couldn't be rebooted until I manually reset the systems internal date and time. I contacted customer service of course and paid the $39.95 fee to have a tech access the computer to figure out what was wrong. He claimed he fixed it. Within a week I experienced the same issue and called again and, again, the tech accessed the computer and "fixed" it. A couple of weeks after that I had the same issue plus got a black screen and couldn't reboot at all. Called customer service and got a tech on the phone…he accessed the unit, got it rebooted, and physically witnessed the problem I had been having. He told me it was a hardware issue and to send the computer to them for repair, which I did. They supposedly fixed it. Within 3 weeks of receiving it back…you got it…same issue. I called and requested either a full refund or a new computer. They weren't having it…said I needed to return it to them yet again so they could repair it. Reluctantly I agreed telling them that if they couldn't correct the problem this time I was expecting a full refund or replacement with a new computer. Well, 2 weeks after receiving it back I'm having the same problem. Customer service wants me to send it back to them so they can try for the 6th time to repair it. I told them absolutely not…full refund or replacement. They won't budge. I have Office Depot involved, will be calling Toshiba's corporate office, and will be filing complaints with the BBB and Attorney General's office. It's obvious they are incompetent and will drag this out until my warranty is up. Worst customer service AND products EVER!!! I will never own another Toshiba anything!

  3. I really wish I would have read some of these posts PRIOR to purchasing my laptop. I have issues with the video card since the unit came out of the box. Initially they helped with a fix to the green screen however today I find out that was because it was a known issue – so they sell products with known issues. Then I upgrade the unit to Windows 10 (their corporate partner) and now I get an error message that the unit can't find the license for the AMD video that came installed on the unit – AND they want me to pay them to fix it. REALLY – I already paid for this machine. Toshiba definitely does not stand behind what they sell with any support. This is still under warranty! NEVER will I buy another Toshiba product as long as I live – and I will make every effort to spread the word about this.

  4. This company is all about ripping people off I serve my country to come back to use my computer to find out that the hard drive is defective and all they want to do is get me to give them more money. Well they have some person who reads these that they shall now know that this is my notice of intent to sue. And since this laptop was purchased on base this case will be filed in a military court not one where they can pay off people. Sincerely Master Sgt. Nimerfroh

  5. I started experiencing problems with my Toshiba Satellite P55t-A5116 back in July.
    My earphone jack stopped working properly. It would only work on one speaker.
    Due to heavy work and school load I decided to hold on to it as long as possible. This decision was made after I called Toshiba to do the repair and I was told it would take 7-14 business days to solve.
    Since my warranty was about to expire I decided to call customer service again 10/02/2015 to resolve issue.
    I PURCHASED a box from Toshiba and I sent laptop on 10/15/2015 together with charger to the repair facility.
    Yesterday 10/22/2015 I received back my laptop with following issues: It does not charge AND I have 2 screw covers missing from the bottom of laptop. When I plug laptop in it says now plugged in, not charging. I need to emphasize that I HAD NO ISSUES with charger, or battery prior to sending laptop to Toshiba service center!!!
    I called customer service again today 10/23/2015 to make them aware of the issues and ask for a quick fix.
    I was offered to send it back to same repair facility to "allow them to correct their mistake". After expressing my concern about that, and the fact that I DO NOT want to send my laptop back to the same facility (btw this was the "only available option" they kept telling me!!!) I was told (after an hour on the phone) that I could send my laptop to a "VIP Repair Center" and that they will "absolutely" fix my issues (same thing I was told about other service center). I was promised a shipping label to expedite process in max 3 hr. It is now 6 hours later and I still do not have a shipping label. This is ludicrous!!

  6. I am currently on hold with someone at Toshiba USA​ named "Jenny." I have a hard time believing her name is Jenny because there is an obvious language barrier. I purchased a Toshiba laptop from Best Buy back in May 2015. I had the computer for about 3 weeks when suddenly it stopped working. It wouldn't turn on. My husband called Toshiba and they asked us to send it to them. We did. They had the laptop for over 2 months. During this time, they never gave us an update or anything on the status of the laptop until my husband called. We received the laptop back a few days after his call. When we took it out of the box, we found two lovely dents on the top of it. When we tried to turn on the laptop…what do you know, it wouldn't turn on. We were dumbfounded! They had our laptop for 2 months! How could it not be fixed? My husband called and let them know it still wasn't working and told them about the dents on the top. They asked him to send pics of the damage. He did that on September 2nd. He sent them again on September 4th because they claimed they hadn't received them. As of today, September 24th, we have heard anything from Toshiba. Their customer service is HORRIBLE! I have been put on hold, transferred from person to person. I've had a computer for 4 months that I've only been able to use for about 3 weeks. I will NEVER, EVER purchase a Toshiba product again. They don't want to refund me, yet we have a laptop that doesn't even work. I will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau. This is completely unacceptable. They've had the laptop long enough that I can't even take it to Best Buy to get a refund, however, I'm paying the bill every month for a laptop I can't even use. Not really the way you should treat your customers, Toshiba. Shame on you. I will be posting and reposting this everywhere I can on social media and any other outlets I can find until someone decides to do the right thing.

  7. I bought a Toshiba tv, and it stopped working. It has been in the shop now for 15 days.They keep telling me that the part is on back order since July, and they have no eta for the part. No one can do anything for me. They just tell me I have to wait for the part to come in. Toshiba what kind of way is that to run a company, those parts should always be available. I will not buy Toshiba products again.

  8. I brought a toshiba tv 2 years ago, attempted to turn it on and nothing happened. Called toshiba who provided me with an authorized service provider. I took my tv to be repaired only to find out the main board died. The service person called toshiba only to find out that the part doesn't exist anymore. I placed so many calls to toshiba only to be treated very rudely by their case manager Beverly. More importantly toshibas expectation now is that I need to search the city to find the part not them. They did not even know that some of the distributors on their list HADN'T sold their parts in over 3 years. NO MORE TOSHIBA PRODUCTS FOR ME.

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