UN United Nations Headquarters, Address, Phone Number

UN United Nations Headquarters
405 E 42nd St,
New York, NY 10017 USA
UN Phone Number: 1-212-963-1234

  • Why are charges not being leveled against Putin? He is a war criminal we should be holding a trial. Arrest him!

  • Eric Adam is said to be a Doctor in Yemen whom works for you. He got nasty to me because I cannot send him money I do not know him. Do you not take care of our own. He said he gets no food or water.

  • Dearest Secretary-General Antonio Guterres:

    May God continue to bless you and I am here to inform your office that I was told to email Mr. Stephane Dujarric and I did exactly what I was told.
    My Good and Godly intentions was not appreciated and I never received any response. I've been a Creative Project Organizer for more than twenty years and how I wish Mr. Dujarric gave me a chance to share the GOOD projects that both my 15 yr. old beloved son and I wish to propose to you. We believe that God Loving Father in Heave placed you in your position for many good reasons and IF you will open your door to gifted and talented people who have BIG dreams to help our needy "brothers and sisters"….there are so many wonderful things we can do to help this broken world become a better place. It is "WE THE PEOPLE" who need to WAKE-UP leaders and politicians to WORK AS ONE…instead of dividing our people. Pride, Power, Money and Corruption are the big reasons our Innocent children are SUFFERING form this broken world and God's WRATH is coming to those who believe and think that they know what is best and that they are the best….because they are NOT. Kim Jung Un of North Korea is a young man who NEEDS HELP and giving him GODLY approach is the only solution…NOT WAR.

    Our propose projects can be of help to UN TOGETHER and if your office is interested, please you may contact us at savmear315@gmail.com.

    I suggested Mr. Dujarric to send my request to you to "Please, tell the UN Leaders to PRAY intently and use God in their decision makings NOT their own will. Godly deeds have GOOD and PEACFUL rewards and this is what many leaders are MISSING because they think and believe that they know what is best.
    I am originally from Philippines and many of our leaders are Corrupt…and our leaders can not and must not give away tax payers money like HALLOWEEN CANDIES to many corrupt leaders who have many "bodyguards", nice mansions or palace, luxury cars and lots of money….while many of their people are in HUNGER and HOMELESS….like in Africa, Syria, etc. Corrupt leaders are one BIG reason why some poor countries are STILL poor and never progress. I would like to request UN to please MONITOR the leaders of every county that UN gives financial support. And look at the expensive jewelries and life style of those leaders who pretend they care about their people…but their intention is for their own self-interest and wealth. If it's true that President Recep of Tayyip Erdogan has violent bodyguard and why many leaders NEED to hire many bodyguards even for their family members? Are they using their own money or it's that hardworking taxpayers paying for it?
    This is another BIG problems we have in many countries leaders….the way they SPEND the taxpayers money. AN example was Uday Hussein,the son of Saddam Hussein, NO ONE stopped him from doing many EVIL deeds and even he's dead…the SUFFERINGS of those they victimized are still SUFFERING. World leaders NEED GOD VERY BADLY and these calamity disasters and SAD happenings in the world that we are seeing EVERYDAY is just the beginning of God's WRATH….and REPENT to God is the only way…while it is NOT yet too late.
    Both my beloved son and I read our Bible and it is the Book of Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Please tell them to take this message seriously and WORK AS ONE as brothers and sisters…because LOVING ONE ANOTHER is God Loving Father in Heaven's simple request. Everyone agreed with me that America needs new generations of HEROES and this is the same message both my son and I wish to send to ALL leaders in the world through our special projects.
    Thank you very much and may God also bless your great endeavors.


  • United Nations assets need to leave the USA, your are an enemy to the Patriots, you have been uncovered and flagged. This is not your country, leave now. You have no power here, if you stay there will be war.

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