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  • Wilson’s Leather Corporate Office Headquarters

Wilson’s Leather Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Wilson’s Leather Corporate Office Headquarters

7401 Boone Avenue
North Minneapolis, MN  55428  USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-763-391-4000
Customer Service Number: 1-866-305-4704


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  1. I purchased a leather coat online but when I received it, it didn't fit right so I returned it Nov 1. They received the coat Nov 7 and I have yet to be refunded my money. The card I used was compromised elsewhere so I called Customer Service Nov 25 and spoke to Thomas to let hm know. He and his supervisor Tammy said that the refund would be mailed to me in 5-7 business days. Still no check. I called today and spoke to Blessing and she said they are having issues with the refund dept and that the supervisor would contact me today at some point. It is 10:00 PM and I have not heard from them. I returned their merchandise, all I want is my refund that is due to me. I am contacting BBB and our local news channel to alert the public to not do business with Wilson's Leather…..

  2. Did you people know that your website wilsonsleather.com is not working? I bought a leather jacket from Wilson's out here in Tempe Arizona about 6 weeks ago. You keep sending me specials but when you click on your website a note comes up and says that it cannot find this website. My e-mail is desertbullet@aol.com

  3. I was in your store in Aurora, IL on Dec 11th and made a purchase for $272 and your cash register timed out so the cashier asked me to swipe my credit card again only to now debit twice from my account. The second charge she was able to refund well the first charge was still pending and she sent an email asking them to not charge my card because no item was given to me nor was a receipt printed so she assured me I wouldn't be charged. Well on Dec 14th my account was debited the $272 and I have no items from this store and they can't figure out how to refund me my money. I'm so pissed at this time I don't have my money or the purchase. Now, I am being asked to do the work the store should be resolving and it's not being resolved at all. If this isn't resolve soon I'm contacting the BBB and I will be filing a claim for my money.

  4. After working for this company for over two years I was fired by brittani davies. I'm 8 months pregnant currently jobless. Apparently I was fired because my husbands truck broke down the day before and I wasn't able to find someone to cover my shift. I've put up with a lot from management at Wilson's and I'm extremely disappointed. I was the highest paid sells associated getting the least hours. When working I was constantly left of the sells floor by myself so that brittani and rashidah could talk in the back room or eat. I was made a errands girls. Going back and forth to American cookie for drinks for them, and start bucks, and also shopping all for them! Pregnant and constantly under pressure to please them. Brittani always had a habitat of texting me on my days off asking me to come in or just when it's time for me to clock out asking me to stay longer knowing I have a husband who was outside waiting on me with our kids. I felt used. The only reason I stayed as long as I did was for the customers who I'd enjoy seeing everyday. Rashidah would always come in showing her cleavage and wearing very fashionable but revealing outfits. The female customers would be upset when she addressed their male companions. She loved to jump in and take my sales which I worked hard for. Overall I feel like they aren't the proper managers for the business. I feel like Wilson's as a company would go much further without them. Ever since Jillian left the store hasn't been up to par or been making it's numbers consistently. I'm extremely disappointed not to working there anymore but the more I think about I don't want to be somewhere where I'm being used and not appreciated. I strongly advise someone to look into the north charleston store as well as do drug test on BOTH managers.

  5. I made a purchase at Wilson’s Leather Outlet, and returned the item due to spots on the garment. I was advised that refund should be back in my account within 3-7 days. I called the store to assure that the timeframe was correct. I spoke with Gerald, who was extremely rude, and advise that I contact my bank, I hung up on him and call back hoping to get someone else, but Gerald answered, and asked if I was the lady that just called? I asked for the corporate phone number, and Gerald stated to figure it out on my own. WOW! Is this how we treat customers these days? This is unacceptable treatment to a customer. I have shopped at Wilson Leather for many years, and have never experienced anything like the behavior Gerald displayed at the Grand Prairie Outlet Store # 3213. I would normally think an employee is having a bad day or needs coaching, but this kid is beyond coaching, and does not display the type of behavior, or provide the type of customer service that one would hope for when shopping at a store such as Wilson’s Leather.
    Very disappointing.

  6. I would like to do an exchange for an item I received at Christmas. I want to find out what store has the item for the exchange. I have called 3 stores and no one answers the phone. Poor customers service. Can Wilsons Corporate assist???

  7. Dear Sir's

    I'm sorry to hear that one of the "Best" stores that I use to work for 1998-99 is closing out. I had a blast there and I worked with one of the nicest people. I enjoyed ordering for the customoers and the smiles were almost always good. I enjoyed calling the other store to find out who's working it. The leather business was cool. Sorry to see'ya go. Debra Gro… Joliet Louis Mall area. (new location)

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