Winco Corporate Office Headquarters

Winco Corporate Office Headquarters
WinCo Foods, Inc.
650 N. Armstrong Place
Boise, ID 83704 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-208-377-0110
Fax Number: 1-208-377-0474
Customer Service Number: 1-208-377-0110

  • Store in Bremerton,Washington. Management is not making customers wear mask the law in Washington state now people are supposed to wear mask in stores ,outside mandatory. But they're letting people in store. That's wrong the worker's need to be kept safe too.


  • i shop when able at the store in fort worth tx. the reason i'm not able to shop there frequently is because they have very few (like 3) riding buggies and i really need to use one of those so i must have someone with me. i have a prosthetic leg which doesn't fit well on one side and the other foot is cut off accross the middle and has constant sores

  • Last night I shopped at the store in Fort Worth, TX. I must have someone with me when I shop at Winco because they only have about 3 riding buggies and because of an amputation on one side and half of my other foot amputated I really need one of these. Otherwise I end up with blisters and sores. Last night there was a buggie in the exit area and I got in and tried to enter the store. There was a really long pole sticking straight up and would not allow me to go in so I thought maybe I could go out and come in the 'in' door. It wouldn't let me out either, it was stuck in the 12×12 space titled 'exit'. My grandaughter asked a manager who was at a nearby register and he smiled and said 'it's not supposed to go out'. So am I to believe that this cart is meant to be stuck in this little area? I don't believe it. The lack of concern from this manager was bad enough but then I had to listen to the disrespectful mouth of some young woman talking trash to me because i'm trying to come in on the 'exit' side. I really hate it when people talk trash about things they know nothing about. Anyway, I shopped for about 2 hrs because I have to go slow when I have to walk, and on the way out that same buggy was still there, stuck in the 'exit box'. It was in a different spot so someone else had obviously tried to get it in the store. My grandaughter and I only found 2 other buggies in use. My point is, in 2 hours NO ONE had figured out how to get that buggy inside and in use. They need more handicapped carts at this store and a little more concern for customers needs and responsibility from the managers at this location. The cashiers have always been great, the sales are awesome and the variety is also great, but the lack of concern for the handicapped will continue to limit my visits to Winco.

  • WINCO, Please open a store in the Santa Rosa area in beautiful Sonoma County CA. Reading through the comments there are a lot of complainers. For those, please, please shop at Safeway or your neighborhood store and pay 20 – 25% more. As for our family, when we visit grandma's in Vacaville (60 miles) away, we shop at WINCO. Employee owned, no huge CEO salaries, just incredibly low prices. WE LOVE IT! Please make our area next for a new store.

  • This is a case of 2 bad apples WINCO is a great store with lots great people working for them its very sad that this happened and I am sure these two bad apples will be removed so they dont spoil the bunch and shame on the manager more her responsibility to not allow this to happen. Sorry god bless dont give up

  • I shop at Hemet Winco. I love the store. I think its kind of crappy that the store stopped giving coffee samples in an effort to save water. It is crappy because, the bathrooms there have ridiculous toilets that flush for a 30 full seconds full blast water. Times that by 3 lady toilets, not including the mens restrooms that almost certainly have 3 of the same. One flush alone would be enough to make one full carafe of coffee. Please bring back the coffee samples, & fix those ridiculously wasteful toilets. I have video if you care to see.

  • Reply to Anonymous from August 13, 2015 comment: If I understand you correctly, you say that someone who may (or may not) work for Winco was in YOUR GARAGE smoking pot? You wanted Winco to do something about it? If they took action against the employee based only on your say-so, the employee would likely be able to sue them. You should have just called the police. If the person was arrested and missed a shift at work, this would have done more to accomplish your goal, than to try to get the manager to enforce criminal laws.

  • You obviously are just trying impose your agenda, it doesnt matter that they have an amazing healthy section and great vegetables organic and non, you just want to push your bs lifestyle choice. You should go away

  • I will be calling WINCO'S corporate office tomorrow about a Mr. John Lackey, manager of the Winco in Pittsburg, CA. I have had two separate interactions with this individual as a customer and both times he has attempted to berate me for attempting to redeem coupons that were found WITHIN THE STORE and or actually ON the items when I decided to buy them. It is completely UNNECESSARY to treat customers with disrespect or to belittle them at the register. I did nothing to incite his impatience or poor customer service and I do not appreciate as a customer being treated in such a way. I have been a loyal customer of Winco for many many years prior to moving to this area and I am disgusted enough by this experience to finally comment about it.

    It is my hope that no one else will have to endure such treatment from this individual or as a customer of this establishment. I wish you all the best of luck. Have a wonderful night.

  • There is a maniger at winco in vacaville that works in the night sleeping in his office ive been there a few times and i have seen him asleep on his desk. I never see him work and one time i over hear him say very rude things to a worker.his workers work so hard amd all he does is sleep in his office.

  • I'll let you know why I apply for several Winco jobs on qualified for and they keep saying that you're qualified we can consider you for the position

  • I bought 3 ham hocks at Winco apple valley, ca yesterday to make a pot of beans with ham hocks. All I got mostly was fat & bones. The hocks I buy at the more reputable stores have plenty of good meat on them. I won't be buying anymore meat products from Winco.

  • Well I'm In Glendale AZ. I shopped and really liked store, so I decided to Apply for A job posted on site which I am qualified with about a decade of experience. So 10 days ago I did, and few days later I was contacted by manager who asked me few questions and said he wants me to come in for interview. Get this at 1145pm. still I was 30 mins early. On my app. and with manager on phone I mentioned I'm a veteran with a 20% disability(service connected). Once (Abel) the night manager whos interviewing hands me checklist and questioner to fill out. Once he calls me back to talk he says this process is being recorded. After 15 mins of Q&A I said Since its a warehouse job that Im A disabled Vet. With 20% rating he quickly seemed upset and pulled my questioner out to show I labeled no limitations. After that Abel who personality towards me changed. He rushed thru last few questions and shook my hand said Main manager will contact me Later or even next day. I really was offended by attitude change after hearing DISABLED VETERAN and here is email I got next day.Thank you for submitting your application to WinCo Foods.

    We have narrowed our interview selection for Freight Stocker (18+) to other applicants.

    We appreciate your interest in employment with WinCo Foods and encourage you to apply for other positions of interest in the future. We wish you success in your future career endeavors.


    WinCo Foods
    I have almost 10 years warehouse over 2 years grocery experience also, and very good at it. Guess Winco Places no value on Veterans, mainly Disabled but not unabled. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT STORE AGAIN AND LOOK TO CONTACT V.A. TO REPORT MY Exp. and see if LEGAL
    Going Back to frys or walmart .to spend my MONEY

  • We love the great winco stores, or did. last weekend while shopping we noticed that people had brought their animals into the store around opened food. this is certainly not safe for our kids to have possible disease carrying animals in the food departments. We think maybe as dog lovers we would never take our dog into a grocery store, this is not a safe food practice..

    • How do you know it was not a Service Animal? Did you ask? Some service animals are not marked as it is not a requirement. Since Service Animals ARE allowed into the store, and you have such a concern regarding cleanliness, perhaps you should shop elsewhere… even though, it IS the Federal Law that Service Dogs ARE allowed into ALL public places, so I can't imagine the necessary steps you will need to take to protect yourself from all those Lethal Canine Germs.

  • Hillsboro OR Winco store and Corporate $10/day return bottle deposite policy, in general leaves this prior customer extremely agitated. They have no problem in collecting deposits for over there so called limit/day, but when the customer returns the bottles, cans,and plastic bottles they impose this artificial limit making the customer return on a different day to collect. The inconvience alone not to mention the added cost to comply lost this company my loyalty

  • Love the deals I can get here. However, with that said – as a single Mom with no public assistance or even child support I watch every penny. This grocery trip had only the necessities, pinching every penny. Having little to nothing left on my debit card, I was going to use my credit card – but apparently you can't use a credit card at WINCO. Funny you accept food stamps, but not a hard working person's legit credit card. Grocery Outlet & the Dollar Tree BOTH accept credit cards and still can offer great deals. Just saying…

  • I absolutely LOVE shopping at Winco. I go to the one in Antelope CA. When I lived in Oregon I always shopped there and when I moved to CA there wasn't one and then FINALLY they opened a Winco here. I was SO excited. I have even tried to shop at Walmart super center and they can't beat the prices at Winco. I never get my groceries anywhere else. I've been shopping at Winco over 10 years and have never had a problem. I highly reccommend Winco.

  • Your Sumner WA store sucks, I have a registered 7lb service dog I bring a blanket that I put in the seat of the cart for her to sit on. I was told she could not be there and that I had to leave the store. Is your store aware I could sue you over this.

    • Are you aware that a REAL service dog doesn't sit inside a cart? Thanks for putting your nasty dog where the next persons food will be. Leave your dog at home. Im sure you can manage to survive a 1/2 hour of grocery shopping with out the pet.

    • Did you have your paper work on her like your suppose to? because obviously you didnt or there wouldnt of been an issue

  • I went to Winco in Victorville Ca yesterday and was so infuriated with what happened.. My friend( who has many medical problems including heart problems and kidney failure) was doing her monthly shopping for her husband and kid. Note that we live 35 minutes away but this is the closest winco to us. She took some shavers and placed them in the child seat next to her purse. Apon leaving the store she was stopped by security who said she had taken them and took and searched her purse to which they found nothing and looked in her cart where they were found and the procedeed to call the police who also said after reviewing the video that it did not look like she put them in her purse which they insisted she did. After the cop left Winco security proceeded to give her paperwork that they are trying to fine her $250 for theft!!! BS!! She cried all the way home and is now back in the hospital due to a dramatic rise in her blood pressure. Gee I wonder where that came from? I will NEVER shop at a Winco store again and as soon as she is released from the hospital she will we calling and filing a complaint!!!!

    • who cares, your friend shouldnt put product near or around a bag in her cart. Her fault for not paying for the item

    • What do you mean, who cares? My mom has accidentally put things under her arm while looking at something else while shopping, gone through the checkout without the cashier even noticing it was still under my mom's arm, and she got all the way to the car then had to go back and pay for it. IT WAS A MISTAKE. Mistakes happen all the time. If I were the person who wrote the story back in Aug. 2012 and said they were going to file a complaint when their friend got out of the hospital, I'd be doing a whole lot more than that. Calling an Attorney would better fit the situation. Abuse for making an honest mistake like that cannot be tolerated and unfortunately most people just don't "get" it unless in hits them in their pocketbook. So, "Anonymous," do everyone a favor and stop being an a**hole. Who cares about your opinion.

  • I work right across the street from the Winco in Lakewood,
    ca but never shopped there until yesterday 5/25/12. An co-worker bragged about there service, cleanliness and there sale prices for the upcoming holiday. So, I decided to call my one of many sisters to go and scope out the store and there sale price. So my sister was impressed and told me that on there weekly ad it states a limit of 2 to certian items on sale (shasta soda, case of water, chip ahoy cookie, ground beef, apple juice, ketcup) but an employee told her that the store is lifting its limit to 10 because they were over stocked. So my sister happily gather her shopping of 10 case 0f 12pk shasta $.98ea, 10 ca of american fare water $1.78eacg, 10 chip ahoy cookies $1.48, 5 lancer apple juice $.98 checkout and left happy. Also, my same co-worker that encouraged me to go went back twice in the same day and got her 10cs of shasta and 10cs of water and left happy. So I decide to go shopping at 11pm 5/25/12 with another sister and her children. We were so EMBRASSED because they stopped us has we were checking out and told us that their was a limit of 2 on the sodas, limit on ground beef meat so I told her that my co-worker and another sister of mine came in earlier and brought 10 of each item. So, now on of the lady manager said oh that ended at 3pm but I know for a facted that was not true because my co-worker came back after work and she gets of at 4:30pm. I brought ground beef for myself but my sister was told she can't buy her ground beef because I got some already. My sister was so livid and asked to speak to the manager, she argued with him. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE,,,UNFRIENDLY WORKER,,,I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT INTO ANOTHER WINCO AGAIN,,,,AND I WILL TELL EVERONE I KNOW ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE.

    • blah blah blah, you sound like a person who just likes to complain about non issues, she wasnt rude youre just one of those people who likes to find problems where ever you can. Complain more, and act like they wronged you when they did nothing because the Ad clearly said 2 per customer.

  • We would really like to see all the Winco grocery stores have hand sanitizing wipes available at the front doors for wiping carts and baskets. I am very happy w/ the store it's self, the isles are wide, the restrooms were clean and smelled fresh and the floors and glass doors were very clean. The bulk section is large and offers a good gluten free section. Please keep exspanding on your gluten free products there is a large market for these items. I personally am waiting for pasta noodles made w/ corn products, you currently have no gluten free noodles available. Thank you for your time.

    • Manager closed the customer service line during normal business hours and acted like I was at fault for being upset.

    • I went to the Winco on Jackson St in Indio CA. this morning at 6:00 am. They were too busy stocking the store and did not have any cashiers. I saw an employee by a cash register, he told me to go to register 15. there was no cashiers at register 15, but light was on. I went to register 15 thinking the guy would ring up my purchase. But, No, he went to the water fountain, took his time and got a drink, never came to ring up my items. I decided to leave. As I was walking out an employee walked by me. I asked him how the store expected to sell anything when they had no cashiers. He ignored me and walked away. This was the first time I have been to a Winco and will probably be the last. The store did not impress me and I did not like the fact that I did not get waited on. Oh, another customer also left without buying anything because the had alot of isles closed due to restocking. How does this store expect to stay in business with this lack of customer service.

    • I Don’t appreciate extra wipes and I don’t want anyone spraying spring me or around me I am allergic to a lot of things. I think if you do this you are setting yourself up to be sued!

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