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Zipcar Corporate Office Headquarters

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Zipcar Corporate Office Headquarters
Zipcar Inc.
35 Thomson Place
Boston, Massachusetts 02210 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-617-995-4231
Fax Number: 1-617-995-4300
Customer Service Number: 1-866-494-7227

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I have been utilizing different Zipcars since 01/29/2021. It started out very well until they started overcharging my card. Made me send in the proof and still have not refunded my money yet. Also the representatives would tell me one thing and it would always end up being something else. Today I have about 5 open cases with them where I have disputed the overcharge and they said it goes to this special team who you can not talk to directly and they still have not contacted me yet or refunded none of the overcharges again that I provided proof of. Also they are now telling me in order to rent another zipcar I have to pay $216.00 that is an overdue balance 63 dollars is for miles but the remainder is for them having to inconvenience another customer in which I did not ask them to they offered and stated on a recorded line that I would not be charged any late fees on multiple occasions. Each rep have told me something different as to where the charges came from. Zipcar has also turned off my car 3 times when I had an extended reservation and every time you call in with an issue or to check up on an existing issue you have to keep repeating the same thing over from representative to representative after they state they have notated your account. So at this point I can not rent another zipcar do to the charges they have added up on the account that should not be there and still have not received any of my overcharges back from week of 01/29/2021 nor has the special team reached out to me. It is not professional and it sad that I have been thru all of this without any compensation as a well paying always on time customer who just started their membership less than a month ago. Then zipcar have been debiting multiple amounts from my card at random for what I do not know. Nothing have been resolved and I have all of these fees that are incorrect after everything is on a recorded line. At this point I am ready to get the better business bureau involved and if that do not work I will have to take it a step further and its very sad. Money have been taken from me and now they are trying to take more money from me with this outrageous overdue balance.

I used to enjoy using Zipcar but ever since Enterprise took it over service has declined precipitously. All Zip car locations in my zipcode were closed. And now for the 2nd time my reservation was moved from a spot 1/2 mile away and close to public transportation to someplace miles away and a 20 min drive. The operators suggestion was to walk or use my car to go to this lot. If I had a car I wouldn't need to use Zip car in the first place. This is unacceptable.

I have been a customer of ZIPCAR for over 5 years. At first the service worked well, but over the last few years and leading up to this past weekend, it has become quite evident that it's time to change to a competing car share company. Over the last couple of years, the vehicles have become increasingly damaged, dirty, low on fuel, lacking keys/parking passes/gas cards, consistent failure of texting system, and more often switched out at the last minute. As a warning to new members, penalty fees are liberally charged without consideration of the circumstances. I appreciate that members are required to meet certain requirements when returning the vehicles, but the lack of attention to these on going issues leads me to believe the service is more about fees than providing good service and product.

Customer service is atrocious. This past weekend, a "customer service" rep hung up on me over a disagreement over an existing rental and "failed" to extend the rental time as requested; "failed" being the operative word. The vehicle was then immobilised and the horn was activated in a residential community. It was only after being placed in hold for 30 mins was the problem rectified. All this for being 60 mins late (including 30 mins on the phone with Zipcar). They did the same thing in a hospital zone where security contacted the police due to a noise complaint.

I work in the city and deal with over 1500 clients. The company I work for has over 3,000 employees and I manage a rather large team. If I ever treated a customer in that manner, I would be terminated with cause.

I will not recommend ZIPCAR to any person in my purview and will most certainly promote local competitors. I have asked for a ZIPCAR manager to contact me on several occasions but have yet to hear back.

Parting advise to ZIPCAR, you're not good at this type of business. Time to serious consider your business plan and perhaps look to another business all together.

Zipcar customer service is the worst. Zipcar Inc you should be on top of this for the sake of your customer whos making you rich. You will reap what you sow.

Sirs: would you consider adding Zipcar cars to Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania? A lot of college age students there as well as myself go back and forth to Pittsburgh on a regular basis. Another suggestion I have is to add Zipcar locations to the Robert Morris University Sports Center on Neville Island, Pennsylvania.

I was a proud member since 2013 (NOT ANYMORE)
This company went from amazing to HORRIFIC!!!!!! NEVER EVER USE THEM.
The car that I had rented overnight for work was parked in a zone that would be ticketed if I didn't move it by 7:30am. When I went to move it the car wouldn't start. Zip Car Customer Service said they would cover the charges and I went to my apartment to discuss the actions we were going to take. (I dozed off since I was working an overnight and forgot my work bag and prescription medication in the car) The car ended up not only getting a ticket, but was towed.

I spent over 4 hours at the impound lot with Zip Car reps saying they would unlock it remotely to let me get my items to I must pay for everything and then I can get my items. No one EVER called me back when the calls dropped. Finally when I got home I spoke to someone whom said he would unlock the car for sure when I get down to the impound lot, since they were covering all charges. I get there and Zip Car signed the car out of the impound lot and the lot told me that the paperwork said that I had taken the car and paid for it (all while I was back at my apartment).

This inaccurate information continued as I called multiple reps all of them telling me the car is at the garage I first borrowed it from. I would advise them the car isn't there and they said well someone must be using it. Once they finally check if the vehicle is in use they find that the car isn't there nor is it in use. But no one will tell me where it is. Every day I call they say they will call me back right away. They never do.

Then their customer service gets upset that I keep calling and I advise them my medication is in there and I've run out. I can't get anymore and your company for some reason keeps telling me they understand, but ultimately all they do is give me the run around.

I have contacted the BBB for assistance with them. I don't think a company that can with hold medication and lie the way they did to me should be in operation (unless it was some Wall Street firm).

I am disgusted w/Zipcar. I have been a loyal customer for 8 years. I had a major problem and a week later it is still unresolved. I can not speak with anyone who can help in anyway. Sad that such a great company is on a downward spiral because of bad customer service. I just tried the corporate offices and their phone # has been disconnected. Appalling.

DO NOT try to do business with Zipcar. I have been trying since 12/17 to settle something and all I can get are people telling me that I can't speak with a supervisor – that all they can/will do is forward my message or email. Horrible, horrible customer service.

I think this company is a rip off customer service is horrible no one talks only email when there's an issue I will NEVER do business with this company ever again Uber , transit, lyft is the way to go nevertheless ownership of your own car $350 what a waste. It's been 14 days no feedback just emails that falls into the Twilight zone local offices are just FOS no call backs hell they don't answer the phones. -Atlanta you have to do better.

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