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Zoosk Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Fake profilers and scam artists are prolific on all dating sites however some sites notify their members when one of these predators has been discovered so as to ensure everyone knows not to continue contact with that person if it has gone offline. I had such an experience on another site. When I was "matched" with this person again on zoosk, I reported him. I asked the zoosk agent to notify me as to the outcome of their investigation, not the details, but an assurance that the person had been removed from the site. I was informed that there is an investigation but no notification. This policy position does not benefit the membership and should be changed.

  2. While Zoosk is ok for a dating site, it has MANY fake members, scammers, and it doesn't seem Zoosk is taking any steps to fix this. For this reason I will not be renewing my membership. Hey Zoosk – listen to your customers.

  3. I am quite sure some of your UK administration staff are targeting people for mockery. I am been given mobile numbers very similar to the ones you snd zoosk meet me and view notices
    . I suggest you investigate this as I will be progressing a disability hate crime with the uk police

  4. Today I realized that your site sends messages out to others from me that I want to chat when I did not ask to chat. It also lists that people have viewed you when in fact they did not. It is not only me as I have bee told that by others…Please have someone contact me to discuss.Thank you Arlene Goldberg239-898-6124

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Corporate Office Headquarters